Real girls eat cake - Janoskians

Sophie was born in Australia but has lived her whole life in Ireland. She is now 17 almost 18 and is moving back to Australia with her family. When they get there, Sophie's aunt has a big welcome party for Sophie and her family. She invites all her neighbours, including the Janoskians. Sophie become good friends with the Janoskians. But what happens when Sophie is caught up in a love triangle with two of the janoskians? Will she make the right decision? Read to find out!


14. Christmas time

Christmas time!

Sophie's P.O.V:

It's the week before Christmas and Luke and I have been going out now for 4 months and so have Nicole and Daniel and also I've become so much closer with the lads especially Jai. Today Nicole and I are going doing our Christmas  shopping. It's now 9:30 and I'm just after coming in from a swim in our pool. I hop into the shower. Once I'm finished in the shower I let my hair dry naturally, while I let it dry I go eat some breakfast. When my hair was dry I straightened it.

I decide to wear a flow-y turquoise lace cami, white shorts and strapped thong sandals, then I put my hair into a high pony-tail so you can see my layers and I put a turquoise lace bow on top of my pony-tail. Then I grab my iPhone and go down to the living room and watch Pitch Perfect.

At 12:30 both Nicole and I are ready to go. Once we get to the shopping center we go our separate ways to get the presents. After 2 and a ½ hours of shopping, here's what I got.

Nicole: A bag of mac make-up

Aoife: A set of nail art pens

James (brother): An Australia soccer jersey and shorts

Mom: A locket with the words "Merry Christmas Mom, Lots of love, Sophie" engraved into the back

Dad: Roy Keane's auto-biography (signed)

Gina: A Pandora necklace with a diamond studded G on it

Beau: A new pair of vans

Jai: A penny board with "Merry Christmas Jai, Love Soph" written underneath it

Luke: A canon 7D camera

I went to the smoothie place to meet Nicole but she wasn't there yet so I got a Berry Blitz smoothie and got a seat when a girl about 14/15 came up to me and said "Hey, are you Sophie? Luke Brooks' girlfriend?" "Um, Yea" I replied "Well back off he's all mine!" she threatened "Well sorry darling sorry to disappoint but I'm pretty sure he's my boyfriend, now if you don't mind I have to go talk to someone" I said a bit harshly and she walked off, just then Nicole came over with a strawberry and banana smoothie.

"Who was she?" she asked "Oh, just another jealous fan" I replied, "You too huh?" she said "Yea" The boys have become really popular lately and as a result of that Nicole and I have been getting a lot of attention from jealous fans. Luke and Skip though are trying their best to stop this but even though there's less and less hate every day there's still one, but we don't really take much notice of it.


Nicole's P.OV:

I was really happy with what I got everyone for Christmas. here's what I got:

Sophie: A nail art kit

Aoife: Essence nail varnish

James: I got him the new Dublin jersey shipped in from Ireland

Mom: A heart charm for her charm bracelet

Dad: A signed Australian football

Daniel: A dog tag chain that said "To Daniel, Merry Christmas, Love Nicky! Xxx"

When I walked up to the smoothie place where I was meeting Soph I see getting harassed a by a 13/14 year old girl, probably a Janoskianator. When I asked her who it was she said it was just another jealous fan. We drank our smoothies and left the shopping center. 

When we got home I went up to my room to wrap all the presents and get ready for my date with Daniel. I put on my pink "Meow Universkitty" over sized slouched shoulder pink top, my ripped denim jeans, pink converse, blue ray bans, my bracelet from Nana back Ireland (my Dad's mom) and put my hair in a pony-tail.


Sophie's outfit:

Nicole's outfit:


*Skip to Christmas Eve*

Sophie's P.O.V:

I woke up and checked my phone. It was 9 am. I decided to go for a quick jog. 

Once I got back from my jog I had a shower, straightened my hair and put on my Santa's coming! I know him! red Christmas sweater, my denim jeans, my uggs and my red knitted Santa hat/beanie. I grabbed my phone and went to have breakfast.

After breakfast Mom and I went into town to do the last minute Christmas shopping. It was mostly food we got and a few small decorations for tomorrow. Christmas dinner is at our house this year and everyone that can come are coming. Us, Mel, my Nana (Mom's mom), my uncle Josh from Perth his wife Alyssa and their 3 young kids Mark (9) , Isabel (6) and George (3), my auntie Carol from Brisbane and her husband Andrew and their 2 sons Jack (19) and Mason (17) also my uncle William, his wife Barbra and their kids Charlotte (a.k.a Charlie) (16) , Alex (girl) (13) , Ethan (11) and Hunter (9) Oh and I can't forget Gina, Beau, Jai, Luke are coming over in the evening after diner. 

Mom and I got home at around 2 and we all started helping out with the cooking and preparation for tomorrow. At 5ish my uncle Josh, his wife Alyssa and my cousins Mark, Isabel and George arrived. (Their staying with us while the rest are staying with my Nana and Mel.) We all decided to go for a walk along the beach and when we came back we ate a quick supper and decided to watch a Christmas movie. Before the movie started Isabel and I went into the kitchen to make some popcorn.

S- Sophie            I - Isabel

S- So Izzy, what's Santa bringing you?

I- Um, well I asked for a Lego friends shopping mall, an Elsa doll, an Olaf teddy and a surprise. what about you Soph?

S- Oh that's nice! I just asked for a surprise!

I- Are you going out with Luke from the Janoskians?

S- Yea, how do you know about the Janoskians?

I- My friend Ava's sister Amy loves them and one day when I was at Ava's house Amy showed us a video and you were in it.

Just then the popcorn beeped. I took it out of the microwave, put it in a big bowl, Isabel quickly helped herself to some before I took it into the rest who were sitting in the living room. When the movie was over it was 9 pm, We turned on the lights on the Christmas tree which was standing in the corner of the living room, already there was a few presents under it. Once the lights were on Aoife, Nicole and I went into the kitchen to help Mark, Isabel and George pick out some food for Santa. We got a glass of milk, a slice of the Christmas cake my mom made, some chocolate chip cookies and carrots for the reindeer! 

Then Josh and Alyssa put them to bed, once they were in bed I went up and read them all a Christmas bed time story that my Nana in Ireland used to read to us when she called over every Christmas eve when we were younger. 

*Skip to Christmas morning*

I woke to Isabel shouting beside me "SOPH WAKE UP! SANTA'S BEEN HERE!!!" I looked at the clock on my phone it read 6:35 am I decided to get up and go downstairs with Izzy, Mark and George. I left on my teddy bear Christmas pj's and quickly put on my uggs and grabbed my iPhone off my bedside locker. Then I walked out to the hallway where Mark, George, Josh and Alyssa were waiting. "Izzy insisted we all waited for you" Josh explained. I walked over to him gave him a hug and said Merry Christmas, then I did the same with Alyssa, Mark, Izzy and George. Then Izzy, Mark, George and I ran down the 2 flights of stairs while Josh and Alyssa walked after us. 

Once we walked into the living room there was a whole truckload of present under the tree. Mark, Sophie and George eagerly ripped the packaging off their presents and I videoed it to show to Nana when she got here later. The delight on their faces was unreal. They looked adorable. 

Not long after that my family walked downstairs and we all exchanged presents, they were all delighted with what I got them. I was delighted with what I got from them as well, a nail art kit from Nicole, Aoife gave me a a blue sparkling rhinestoned pendant,  From James I got a pink and Blue penny board and from Mom and Dad I got 4 1D front row and backstage tickets! "OMG!" I yelled! "Thank you so much!" I have a huge obsession with One Direction and have always wanted to see them in Concert!

At 9 am we got ready for mass, I put on my white pleat neck top, my light denim shorts, my black and white knit jacket and my white floral patterned heels. Then at 10 am we all left the house for Christmas morning mass. After mass we went back to the house and got everything ready for our guests.

At 1pm the doorbell rang, I ran to answer the door and there standing outside it was Nana, Mel, Carol, Andrew, Jack, Mason, William, Barbra, Charlie, Alex, Ethan and Hunter. I greeted them all and led them into the kitchen.

For starters we had little canapes made my Mel which were so nice, for dinner we had turkey and for dessert we had christmas cake and biscuits and sweets sent over from my Nana in Ireland. After dinner Aoife, Nicole, James, all my cousins and I went into the living room. Isabel, George, Mark and Hunter were all playing with their presents while the rest of us just chatted, me Jack and Mason were trying to think of the perfect St. Stephens day / Wrens day prank to pull on everyone but we had no good ideas yet.

Then the doorbell rang I ran to get it. Standing outside the door all in Chrismas jumpers were Luke, Jai, Beau and Gina. I hugged them all and welcomed them in. Gina went to the dining room were all the other adults were while the lads followed me into the living room. I went back to my spot on the sofa next to Mason, Luke sat next to me Beau next to him and Jai just plonks himself on my lap. I introduce the lads to Jack and Mason since they were the only ones left in the room (Nicole, Charlie and Aoife went up to Nicole's room, James and Ethan went up to James' room and Izzy, George, Mark and Hunter went into the screening room to watch Frozen.)

Mason and Jack soon figured out that Luke and I were going out. After a while Luke produces a box and hands it to me. I somehow manage to push Jai off me to take to box. I open it and inside is a heart-shaped necklace with my birthstone on one side of the heart and on the back it said "Merry Christmas Soph, Love you always Luke" I turned around and hugged him "I love you too" I whispered in his ear. 

Then I gave him, Jai and Beau their presents they loved them especially Luke "THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!!" He yelled! "I'm glad to hear that" I replied giggling and he kissed me full on, on the lips and whispered in my ear "Merry Christmas Soph, I hope this is just the first of many of us together!" it sent shivers down my spine just hearing him say that.

Sophie's pjama's:

Sophie's christmas eve outfit:

Chrsitmas tree:

Sophie's Christmas day outfit:


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