Real girls eat cake - Janoskians

Sophie was born in Australia but has lived her whole life in Ireland. She is now 17 almost 18 and is moving back to Australia with her family. When they get there, Sophie's aunt has a big welcome party for Sophie and her family. She invites all her neighbours, including the Janoskians. Sophie become good friends with the Janoskians. But what happens when Sophie is caught up in a love triangle with two of the janoskians? Will she make the right decision? Read to find out!


11. Choosing


Chapter for Louis'CrazyMofo ! :)

Sophie's P.O.V:

I woke up and looked at my phone. It was 10 am on Saturday morning. I slowly got out of bed and had a shower. I got changed into my skinny jeans, my 99 crop jersey, my grey north face jumper and my vans, then I put my hair up in a quick messy bun. Once I was ready I decided to have breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and saw my Mom standing by the counter top looking at her phone. "Sophie, what time are Luke and Jai coming here at?" Mom asked, "Oh I totally forgot their coming! Am around 4" I replied. I made some toast and ate it, then I went up to my room to practise what I was going to say to the guys.

*3:30 pm*

Luke's P.O.V:

I was all ready to go to Sophie's house. I walked out to the hall with my bag and saw Jai carrying an over-night bag aswell. "Where are you going?" I asked him "To Sophie's, you?" He asked, I felt upset when he said this because I thought it was just going to be the two of us. "Sophie's" I replied. "Oh" was all he said, I suddenly noticed that he also looked disappointed. Wait why was he dissapointed?

Jai's P.O.V:

I was all packed and ready to go to Sophie's house. I walked out into the hallway and saw Luke walking out of his room carrying a bag as well. "Where are you going?" He asked me noticing my bag "Sophie's, you?" I asked noticing a looking a disappointment flash across his face, "Sophie's" he replied now it was my turn to feel disappointed, "Oh" was all I could say. 

We decided to walk together to Sophie's house. When we got there I rang the doorbell, Sophie opened the door and smiled at us. She is gorgeous I thought to myself.

Sophie's P.O.V:

I was reading a book to pass the time when I heard the doorbell ring. I ran out of my room and yelled "I GOT IT!" I sprinted down the stairs and ran to the front door. I quickly calmed myself and opened the door and saw Luke and Jai standing there. I smiled at them and welcomed them in. We all raced up to my room and once we got there I sat on my bed and the two boys sat on an armchair each. 

S- Sophie         L- Luke        J- Jai

S- I have something important to tell you guys, so please don't interrupt

L & J- Okay

S- I read both of your letters about how you feel about you feel about me

*Luke and Jai look at each other weirdly* 

S- I was absolutely delighted to find out that you feel that way about me because I like both of ye, I found it very hard to make a decision but I have.  Jai can I talk to you in private?

J- Um, sure.

S- Luke, would you mind waiting in my wardrobe?

L- No, not at all.

Luke's P.O.V:

As I walk into Sophie's warbrobe and sit on a step of the stairs I can't help but wonder; What's she teling Jai that she dosen't want me to hear? Did she pick him? 

Sophie's P.O.V:

I watched Luke walk into my wardrobe and shut the door then I turned to face Jai.

S- Sophie J- Jai

J- Soo...

S- Well I read your letter and I thought it was so sweet and I do have feelings for you

J- Go on

S- but my feelings for Luke are stronger

J- Oh

S- But I hope we can still be friends, wait no best-friends 

*Sophie says the last part excitedly causing Jai to laugh*

J- haha, okay then, Bestie

* They both burst out laughing *

S- Well now that that's sorted I better go talk to Luke.

I get up and walk towards my wardrobe.

Jai's P.O.V:

Even though it kills me to know that she loves my twin brother more than me but at least she's happy and at least we're going to be besties now.

Sophie's P.O.V:

I walk into my wardrobe and see Luke sitting on the step of the stairs. I walk over towards him and sit beside him.

S- Sophie L- Luke

S- I read your letter, I thought it was the sweetest thing I have ever read.

L- *Looks surprised* Really?

S- Yea, and I feel exactly the same

L- *looks really surprised* really

S- Yea, you're just so funny and easy-going and..

Suddenly I feel his warm soft lips on mine, I feel his tounge lick my bottom lip and I grant him entrance, our tounges dance as fireworks of happiness explode in my stomach. After a while we both pull away for air.

L- That was 

S- Amazing

Luke looks at me and smiles.

Luke's P.O.V:

I can't believe she chose me! Like me! When we kissed I felt something I have never felt before and the only way I can describe it is fireworks.


Well Sophie chose Luke but her and Jai are still best friends. What will happen next?

Please if you have any idea's please write them in the comment section and if I chose your idea I'll either put you into the story or dedicate a chapter to you, depending on whats happening in the story.

As always please like, comment, favourite

Thanks so much! ILY! x x x



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