Real girls eat cake - Janoskians

Sophie was born in Australia but has lived her whole life in Ireland. She is now 17 almost 18 and is moving back to Australia with her family. When they get there, Sophie's aunt has a big welcome party for Sophie and her family. She invites all her neighbours, including the Janoskians. Sophie become good friends with the Janoskians. But what happens when Sophie is caught up in a love triangle with two of the janoskians? Will she make the right decision? Read to find out!


13. Becoming more popular

Becoming more popular

Luke's P.O.V:

I woke up really early so I decided to check my twitter. I quickly checked the amount of followers I had and almost dropped my phone when I saw that I had 900k followers! I was so psyched! I quickly tweeted to my followers:

Thanks to all my followers! Love you guys!

Within a minute it had 1,538 favourites, 968 replys and 751 retweets! Then I decided I'd tweet to Sophie

@SophieBird234 Morning Sunshine! How's my wonderful girlfriend today? :) xxx

Once that posted I decided to get up, get dressed and eat my breakfast.

Sophie's P.O.V:

I woke up and checked the time on my phone it said 9:08 I saw that I had a twitter notification so I clicked it and saw that Luke tweeted me, it said:

@SophieBird234 Morning Sunshine! How's my wonderful girlfriend today? :) xxx

I thought that was so sweet, so I decided to tweet him back

@luke_brooks Morning! I'm great, glad that I can finally call you my boyfriend! How are you? xxx

Then I decided to get up and go for a run in the park. *after run* After my run I since I am still the only one up I decided to go swim a few laps in the pool. I was in the middle of my 4th lap when I heard knocking on the gate in the back garden (in between my house and the brook's house) I walk up to the gate and open it.

Suddenly 5 boys barge through the gate. "Oh, hi Sophie!" Beau says "Hey Beau" I reply. I look for Luke but I can't see him anywhere. Out of no where he comes up behind me hugs me tight and then spins me around and kisses me on the lips. We kiss until Beau yells "Guys, keep it PG13!" We all burst out laughing and then we jump into the pool. We have loads of fun dunking each other under the water and jumping in and just messing about.

After a while Nicole comes out dressed in her bikini followed by Aoife and James who are also dressed in their swim-suits. They must have seen us from their bedroom windows. Nicole walks straight towards where Skip is standing in the pool staring at her and she dives in beside him. The two of them go off into their own world chatting to each other. At 1 pm Mom comes out with sandwiches and drinks for all of us. We all get out of the pool and eat our sandwiches. For the rest of the evening we play games, either on the grass or in the pool.

At 6pm Gina calls Beau, Luke and Jai to go visit their grandmother. James and Skip decide to leave then aswell. When I go inside I have a shower and put on a pair of denim shorts and a white 1D t-shirt. I decide to check my twitter. When I see that I have 300k followers I almost scream in delight.

Then I saw that there are loads of comments on Luke's tweet to me. I decide to have a look at them most of them are really nice and positive. One girl said "I'm so happy for you too #Luphie4ever!" I favourited that tweet and replied to it, "Aw, your so sweet" There was the occasional hate but I just shrugged it off. Haters gonna hate Their probably just jealous because they want to be the ones going out with Luke rather than me. I decided to tweet:

Thanks to everyone who has sent in positive comments about mine and @luke_brooks relationship, Love you guys! <3

Then I went down to the living room and watched the Mrs. Brown's boys movie with Aoife when Nicole came in screaming "OMG! GUESS WHAT!" screamed "what?" I asked, she sat down on the sofa next to us and said"Well for starters, Daniel asked me out!" "Oh my gosh! Congrats!" I said "Thanks! And secondly Anna and Lauren are coming over for New Years" she said! I jumped up and Nicole and I started cheering! Nicole then decided to go and get her laptop so that we could skype Anna and Lauren.

I quickly tweeted Anna and Lauren

@Anna_official @Lauren_ryan96 so glad to hear ye'r coming over for New Years! Can't wait to see you guys! xxx

Just as I sent the tweet Nicole came running into the room with her laptop in her arms and Anna and Lauren's smiling faces on the screen. As soon as Nicole sets the laptop down on the coffee table I say hi to the two.

S-Sophie          N-Nicole          A-Anna          L-Lauren

S-Hey guys!

L&A-Hey Soph!

N-So how's it all going back home?

A-It's going grand, it's odd in school without ye though

L-Yea, it's a lot quiter!

S-I wonder why cause from what I remember we were always the quiet two and ye were the noisey ones! :P

A-Yea, that's how it was she said sarcasticly)

L-So any news from Aus?

N-Not really, oh except we both got boyfriends!

A-What? Really? Who? Are they hot? Do they have friends for us? What are their names?

S-Whoa, slow down there girl!

N-Well my boyfriend's name is Daniel, Daniel Sahyounie. He's so nice and friendly, yes he is hot and ye he has 3 single friends: Beau, James and Jai.

S-And my boyfriend's name is Luke, Luke Brooks, he's so sweet and caring and extremely hot especially in a swim-suit! ;) and yea he's also friends with Beau, James and Jai

A-Wait a second, your boyfriends wouldn't happen to be Luke Brooks and Daniel Sahyounie 2/5's of the Janoskians, would they?

S-Yea, how did you know?

L-Well they've become so popular over here! They have like literally exploded over here!

N-Oh my gosh, that's so cool!

A-Yea, everyone in school are talking about their videos and the girls are constantly saying who their favourite member is and the usual fan-girling stuff, ya know.

S-Wait have ye seen the pegging video of theirs that I am in?

L-No, but we'll look it up and share the link on facebook so that the others can see it!

S-Class, so who's your favs?

L-Defo James!

N-What about you Anna?

A-I'm going to have to say Jai

L-Well we have to go, talk to ya later!


And with that we logged off.


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