Real girls eat cake - Janoskians

Sophie was born in Australia but has lived her whole life in Ireland. She is now 17 almost 18 and is moving back to Australia with her family. When they get there, Sophie's aunt has a big welcome party for Sophie and her family. She invites all her neighbours, including the Janoskians. Sophie become good friends with the Janoskians. But what happens when Sophie is caught up in a love triangle with two of the janoskians? Will she make the right decision? Read to find out!


2. Aunt Mel's

Aunt Mel's

Sophies P.O.V:

As we walk out of the airport we see aunt Mel pull up in a really nice range rover. "Hi guys!" Mel yells out the window! "Wow Mel! Class car!" Nicole says "Oh this isin't my car it's yours, your dad sent me a check to buy you guys a car so I got you this!" she explains, "Class!" I say as I get into the car, I'm next to the window and Aoife.

It take 45 minutes to get to Mel's house (We're staying with Mel for a while because the house we bought isin't ready yet, it's only about 5 minutes away from Mel's) As we pull up Mel's driveway my stomach starts to rumble. I jump out of the car and grab my bags run into the house run up the stairs throw my bags in the room Nicole and I shared the last time we were here and run down the stairs all before anyone else has even come in the door.

Then I run into the kitchen and to my surprise see my nana standing there taking a loaf of bread out of the oven. "Nana!" I say in excitement and I give her a big hug before digging into the fridge to find something to put in a sandwich with the bread that my nana just made. "Glad to see you've still got your appetite" my nana says while laughing (She's my Mom and Mel's mom and she was born in Ireland but moved here when she turned 18 so she loved visiting us in Ireland)

After I finish my sandwich the rest of them come into the kitchen to get something to eat. "Ok guys, so I'm throwing a welcome home party this evening starting at around 6 and I've invited  some of my good friends and a lot of my neighbours who will be your neighbours too and you guys can just mingle and make friends, who knows something more might come out of it?" She says winking at me, Nicole and Aoife. 

At 4:30 I decide to get ready for the party. I start rumaging through my luggage and decide on my light denim ripped jeans, my black ciao! top and a pair of shoes. I put my hair up in a quick ponytail and I decide to put on a bit of eye-shadow and lip-gloss also my necklace given to me by my other nana and a few earrings. I also decide to paint my nails since I have time.


People start arriving, Nicole and I decide to help out Mel with bringing the food and drinks out to the back garden. I go back in and pick up one of the many bowls of dip and start walking back outside, not looking where I'm going I bump into somebody and the dip falls to the ground I bend down and pick it up and so does the other person, I pick up the bowl and stand up and so does the other person "Sorry" I say realising that most of the dip got on their hoodie "let me get you a towel" I say and as I do I look up and see the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I've ever seen.



Sorry this chapter is short! I will try to make the next one longer! Thanks!

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