*this is for the hype writing competition*
Ugly. It's a strong word. Meaning to me. War, Sadness, Anger, Life, Writing out the sadness. Writing out your sadness. Living through war. Dealing with sadness. Dealing with anger. Living through Life.


4. Writing out Your Sadness

Writing out Your Sadness

In the past I have had some friendship issues and I have decided when Writing the story of my life I will hold the pen

No-one else

If they try I'll write in pencil

If they rub that out I'll burn my words into the page No-one will tell me how to live my life. I will take advice and I may use it but I won't give someone the pen and paper to my life

I won't give them my soul to play with anymore I know they will try because I normally just let them hit me with their words that feel like swords going into my skin, but now they never will

I will cover up in a suit of amour. I will stride out and tell them that it’s my life to live

That they can try to change me and fail or they can just leave me alone

I will walk over the ruins of my soul fixing them with every step

Moulding my confidence till it is strong again

I will build up my self-esteem with every brick. I will tell them that even if they try, even if they bid, I don't belong to them

They don't own me. I own myself

Love your enemies. It will make them see that they don't own you anymore

If you want to do it do it. If you want to read a book but they don't want you to. Read it anyway! It's your life and you only get to live it once

So do what you want, when you want

Don't let your enemies stand in your way


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