*this is for the hype writing competition*
Ugly. It's a strong word. Meaning to me. War, Sadness, Anger, Life, Writing out the sadness. Writing out your sadness. Living through war. Dealing with sadness. Dealing with anger. Living through Life.


2. Sadness.



 Overpowering guilt

I may have done it

I may have not

I love you

You love me

But why the fighting?



I know right now it's hard

I'm growing up

I have my days where I'm not right

But please stick with me

I know you will

But please tell me that

I need you here

I need you with me

Please forgive me

For all my sudden mood swings

But I need you here mum 

I need you to please stick with me

Please stick with me for a little while longer

I won't be like this forever

I promise I won't

It's hormones getting the better of me

So please Stick by me

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