*this is for the hype writing competition*
Ugly. It's a strong word. Meaning to me. War, Sadness, Anger, Life, Writing out the sadness. Writing out your sadness. Living through war. Dealing with sadness. Dealing with anger. Living through Life.


6. One More Step

One More Step

One more step,

one more step until acceptance,


But do I really want this?

Do I really want to be following them as if I'm lost with no where to turn?

I have places, people, to turn to.

I want to be friends with them,

I really do.

But If I take that step then I am leaving my old self behind.

The me who reads for hours,

The me who laughs at anything,

The me who enjoys school, homework, maths...

The real me.

It's hard to decide whether I want that popularity boost.

Where I have to follow them around,

Be rude, cruel to my real friends.

One More Step until I loose my real friends forever and gain the fakes,

The ones that are there for me in the good,

But desert me when I really need it.

When I need that help0 and that support of real,

True friends.

One more step...

Should I take it?

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