Always *Sequel to Sexual Education*

"What do you mean?" I ask Harry as he frantically wipes at the tears streaming down his face. "Harry?!" I can't help the raised tone in my voice.

"I have to leave, London." The words leave his lips in slow motion and immediately I'm shaking my head.

"No-No! You can't.. You can't leave again, Harry, No!" My own tears form and he grabs a hold of my face in his hands and forces me to look him in the eyes, those beautiful teary eyes, but nevertheless my eyes shut as he speaks to me.

'I'll be back for you." I listen, but don't interrupt, "It's you and me, baby. Always." He says and when I open my eyes again, he's gone.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three:


Previously in Sexual Education the Sequel,


“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” I kiss Fin on the cheek and grab my bag, ready to leave from Fin’s apartment. I reach for the door, but as soon as I do. There is a knock at the door. I pull it open and my breathing stops. My eyes widen and I can’t seem to move from my spot in the doorway, staring straight into those famous green eyes.

“Harry, mate! C’mon in.” Fin yells from behind me. Harry smirks and enters the room. I turn around slowly and just in time to watch Fin and Harry shake hands. “Oh pardon me, Harry this is my girlfriend, London.” Fin gestures to me and Harry smiles at me and walks closer to me, holding out his hand.


“Hi, I’m Harry.” 





My hand shakes as I lift it to meet Harry’s, and warmth shoots through me when our hands meet. Our skin touching for the first time in months. Harry smirks when he notices my loss for words and I can’t help but curse him in my head.


How could this be possible. Harry in New York doesn’t make any sense to me. He would have contacted me if he had come for me would he have not?


“A-actually I think I’m going to stay for a while longer.” I inform Fin. He looks quizzically at me, but doesn’t say anything as he leads us to the small living room in his apartment. Harry goes to sit on the loveseat couch and practically tells me to sit next to him as he looks at me with those dark green eyes.


I hesitantly take my seat next to him and as I’m about to open my mouth and ask Fin how him and Harry met, Harry cuts me off. His voice travels through the room as he speaks to Fin,


“Mind making us some tea, bud?” He asks and Fin wordlessly nods and leaves the room, heading into the kitchen.


Shivers course through my entire body when Harry places his hand my knee. He forces me to look at him as his other hand comes up and takes my chin in his hands. He doesn’t look pleased one bit as he looks me up and down.


“I leave you for 10 months and you find another man? Classy London.” He spits the words out and let’s go of me completely, as if he’s almost appalled by the mere thought of me.


“Harry, I-“


“How many sugars mate?” Fin interrupts me by calling to Harry from the kitchen.




“I waited for you.” I tell him when he finally looks at me again and he scoffs.


“I’ve been watching you, London. I know that you were waiting for me-“


“You’ve been watching me? Since when?” I ask him in utter confusion. He sighs and leans forward, his elbows now leaning on his knee and he rubs his temples.


“For about 7 months.” He finally says, but our conversation is cut to an end when Fin returns, two cups of tea in hand. He smiles to me as he hands me one and then the other for Harry.


“I swear, I don’t know how you lot drink that! I tried it once and it’s disgusting!” Fin laughs and sits down on his one-seat couch. I give a nervous chuckle and look back at Harry, but his gaze isn’t set on me. It is fixated perfectly on a framed picture of Fin and I. it was taken by his friend Steve. He is some photographer and he took that photo when we didn’t even expect it. I’m laughing along with Fin in the picture and I look generally happy.


“You know, Fin. I really should get going. Candice will get worried if I don’t get back a.s.a.p. I’ll see you tomorrow?” I ask him as I stand up and retrieve my bag. Harry looks up as I walk over to Fin and kiss him on the cheek. I wave to Harry as if we’re complete strangers and walk to the door. Just as I reach for the door handle though, Harry speaks up.


“Actually. I’ll give you a ride. I just came to drop off something for Fin anyway. Taking a taxi this time at night isn’t really all that safe anyway.” Harry says and reaches in his pocket to pull out two pieces of paper. “Your tickets for tomorrow.” Harry hands him the tickets and stands. I wait for him by the door. I  am not going to pass up the perfect opportunity for Harry to explain to me just exactly what is going on.


The two shake hands and Fin closes the door behind us mere seconds later.


“Nice outfit.” Harry says and starts walking. I follow after him down the stairs and through the front lobby.


We sit  in silence for the first few minutes of the car ride, but I finally  muster up enough courage and nosiness to ask him the million dollar question.


“Why didn’t you come back for me?” The car juts a bit when the words leave my mouth and I’m guessing it is because Harry did not at all expect for me to ask him this, but I need answers and so does he. So why waste time?


“I did. I’m here now aren’t I? I’ve been here for 7 months.” He says stiffly and switches lanes. The one that turns right, to my campus.


“Yeah, but why didn’t you come see me? When you got here 7 months ago? Why wait until now to completely blindside me? Is it because you’re angry that I’ve moved on-“


“I did it for your safety! And don’t tell me shit about you moving on. I’m not a fucking idiot, London so don’t treat me like I am one. We both know that you haven’t moved on. Fin is just some distraction.” He says and comes to a stop at the front building of my Dorm. He places his elbows on the steering wheel and leans forward, rubbing his temples. A sign of fatigue.


“How are you?” I ask



“How are you? You look terrible.” I say. He shakes his head and gives a throaty laugh. I shrug and wait for him to respond.


“I’m fine. You’re obviously great.” He says and I sigh.




“What? You can’t ask of me to not be upset London!”


“I’m not doing that!” I shout back and he slams hard against the steering wheel, making me jump in my seat.


“God, I love you so much.” He says softly and my heart drops. It literally drops to my feet and I feel such pain for this tired, changed man sitting next to me. He looks absolutely beaten. I don’t stop myself when my hand reaches over to touch his. He looks shocked with my actions, but doesn’t stop me when I brings his knuckles to my lips and place a soft kiss there, taking note of how scratched open they are.


“What happened here?” I ask. He shrugs and looks into my eyes. The breath nearly gets knocked right of me when my orbs meet his beautiful green ones. They look so sad, yet still manage to look more beautiful than ever.


“Can I see you tomorrow night?” He asks suddenly. I give him a strange look and he returns to me one of plead.


“Yeah, sure.”


“Great.” He says and in less than a seconds I feel that familiar touch on my lips. Harry’s lips. The soft, yet rough touch of his lips and the sweet taste of his tongue against mine.


The all too familiar touch of Harry Styles still sending me over the moon.



Not sure how I feel about this chapter.. Anyway 7+ Comments for next chapter and also guys I'm thinking of maybe only doing this to 10 chapters, because with the removing of Sexual Education/The Book Of Love, a lot of people have lost interest.


I'm still deciding anyway enjoy your day!


Much love.



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