Always *Sequel to Sexual Education*

"What do you mean?" I ask Harry as he frantically wipes at the tears streaming down his face. "Harry?!" I can't help the raised tone in my voice.

"I have to leave, London." The words leave his lips in slow motion and immediately I'm shaking my head.

"No-No! You can't.. You can't leave again, Harry, No!" My own tears form and he grabs a hold of my face in his hands and forces me to look him in the eyes, those beautiful teary eyes, but nevertheless my eyes shut as he speaks to me.

'I'll be back for you." I listen, but don't interrupt, "It's you and me, baby. Always." He says and when I open my eyes again, he's gone.


8. Chapter Six

Always: Chapter Six




“So you and Harry broke up on the day you left for college?” Niall asks me while tries to wrap his around everything. As soon as we got to my dorm, we immediately fell into deep conversation about what’s been going on these last couple of months. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel great to get all of this off my back and out in the open.


“Yes,” I say. “Well sort of. When we got here he told me that he can’t attend with me, because he needs to sort things out and get his life together and his head screwed on straight. So technically we never broke up, but I mean I have boyfriend now,” I explain t o him. Niall nods his head and lies back on my bed. “But you can’t tell anyone! Everyone –including Willow- still thinks we’re together.” I rush out the words.


“Wow. So you’ve just been walking around wondering if he’ll ever come back to you?” Nialls asks. I nod my head slowly and sigh. Harry has been gone nearly 2 and a half hours. I just hope he got to Willow in time and they’re both safe.


“Well what about you?” I ask him and get up from the bed to go make us some tea. He follows me to the kitchen and takes a seat on top of the counter. I boil the kettle and put two tea bags into the two separate cups.


“What do you mean?” He frowns. “Willow?” He asks confused and I nod at him. He sighs and looks down at his hands. “Well we’ve been fine, great actually! And then suddenly these last couple of weeks, she’s just been avoiding me. So when I was busy studying yesterday one of my friends told me that Willow had left me a letter and in it she told me that she’s leaving and she’s leaving me for someone else.” He looks at me sadly.


“You think it has to do with her being pregnant?” I ask him. He huffs and scratches the back of his neck. I purse my lips and hand him his cup of tea. He soundlessly takes a sip and smiles at me. Thanking me. Just then the door bursts open and in walk Harry and Willow.


“Oh thank God.” I rush over and wrap my arms around Willow’s neck, pulling her into a tight hug. She hugs me back and I can see over her shoulder that Niall is looking at her. I pull away from her hug and shove her slightly towards Niall. Instantly she collapses in Niall’s arms and he hugs the life out of her, all while whispering to her how much he loves her.


“We should give them some time to talk and be alone,” Harry says and places his hand on the small of my back. I wave goodbye to Niall and Willow as Harry leads me out of my dorm room. “How about you show me around New York eh? We could go to that coffee shop you like? Come on, I’ll pay.” He suggests and closes the door behind us.




“I know. I get it okay, but please. Just let me pretend for tonight that you’re still mine?” He looks into my eyes with utter brokenness so I nod my head and take his hand in mine.


“Let’s go.” I smile and he grins down at me.




“So how have you been? I mean you obviously know how I have been…” I attempt to make a joke and take a huge sip of Mango and Peach smoothie. When we got here I decided that I was more in the mood for something cool so I ordered a smoothie and Harry got a glass of orange juice for himself.


“I’m good. Not as good as you though.” He says. I  look at him in a ‘really? Now?’ manner and he shrugs.


“Come on, Harry. You couldn’t have possibly expected me to just sit around depressed and waiting for you?” I tell him. He shakes his head and looks at his half full glass of juice.


“I did though. I came back for you, London.” He quietly states and brings his head up to look me in the eyes as he waits for my reply. I look out of the window and out to the dark New York sky. I turn back to him only seconds later and open my mouth, fully prepared to tell him exactly how I’ve been feeling since the day I’ve been here.


“Do you have any idea how hard this has been for me? Do you know how difficult it is to do this on my own? I did wait for you. For months, but you didn’t show. I’ve been here, alone for nearly a year and now all of a sudden –when my life is finally getting back to normal- you want to show up and point fingers? You couldn’t have honestly expected me to just wait around for you? Life goes on! Even if you’re with the person you love or not and now I’ve finally found a guy that won’t leave me so that he can clear his head. He is a stable, nice guy. I was bound to find someone else sooner or later and-“


“Stop. Please, I just- I don’t want to hear about you two. I don’t want any details. Not your love life, your sex, anything. I won’t be able to control what happens when you do.”


“Harry,” I sigh.


“Please, don’t.” I can hear the defeat in his voice and he is refusing to make eye contact so I know for a fact that this is a touch and emotional subject for him, but I can’t have him walking around with the wrong idea of things.


“We haven’t had sex, Harry.” I tell him. I wait patiently for him to come back to me and surely, after a couple of seconds he does. He looks at me with wide eyes and his mouth gaping the tiniest.


“You haven’t?” He asks slowly.


“Of course not. It’s only been you Harry. No one else.” I tell him and within the blink of an eye, he is in front of me, cupping my face in his large hands. He looks at me in utter amazement and then –as if he knew exactly what I wanted- he pressed his lips to mine and brought my face closer to his.


“Only you.” I breath when he breaks the kiss and without a word, he kisses me again.


“God I love you.” I smile when the words brush against my lips.




(3rd person)


“You scared the hell out of me.” Niall says as he holds Willow tightly in his arms. He can feel her tears wetting his neck, but in this moment he couldn’t care less. He had the girl he loves back in his arms and she was safe. What could possibly ruin the moment for him?


“I’m so sorry.” Willow breaths into his neck and pulls him closer to her. He shushes her and brushes softly through her dark curls. “I’m really so sorry.”


“Hey, it’s okay,” Niall says and grabs her face in his hands. He places a soft kiss on her head and looks down into her eyes. “I’m just glad you’re safe now, with me.” She smiles and kisses his lips quickly. She looks down at the ground and then the inevitable conversation comes to her mind and she sighs and pulls out of Niall’s embrace.


“I think it’s time we talked.” She says. Niall nods and she takes his hands and leads him to the bed.


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