Always *Sequel to Sexual Education*

"What do you mean?" I ask Harry as he frantically wipes at the tears streaming down his face. "Harry?!" I can't help the raised tone in my voice.

"I have to leave, London." The words leave his lips in slow motion and immediately I'm shaking my head.

"No-No! You can't.. You can't leave again, Harry, No!" My own tears form and he grabs a hold of my face in his hands and forces me to look him in the eyes, those beautiful teary eyes, but nevertheless my eyes shut as he speaks to me.

'I'll be back for you." I listen, but don't interrupt, "It's you and me, baby. Always." He says and when I open my eyes again, he's gone.


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four

-London- (Three days later)


“London! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” My jump awake and my head shoots forward, but almost instantly I’m groaning in pain and rubbing at my forehead.


“God, London!” An all too familiar voice wallows in pain and I the know who I have bumped heads with.


“Willow!” My pain is forgotten and I lurch out of bed in excitement. I don’t even wait for her to react as I encircle my arms around her neck and pull her to me in a huge hug. “What are you doing here?” I ask in excitement once I pull out of the hug. She huffs and fixes her hair as whilst replying to me.


“Oh what, I need a excuse to visit my best friend?” She smirks. I shake my head and laugh.


“Of course not! Just wondering, is all.” I shrug and walk past her.


“Well as you know, I will be attending NYU in two months time, so I thought I might check out the campus and surprise you while doing so.” She shrugs and follows me to the miniature kitchen in my dorm. I open the fridge and reach down for a tub of yogurt.


“Well I’m very glad you come.” I smile.


“Hey, why don’t you get dressed and we head out for some breakfast?” She suggests. I immediately agree and after deciding where to go, I dash to get ready.


I’m dressed and ready to go 10 short minutes later.




“Man these pancakes are to die for.” Willow moans for about the fifth time and I laugh while biting into my egg and bacon sandwich. We’ve been here for about 20 minutes and I can tell that Willow isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon, so I wave my hand in the air and I ask out waiter for another coffee.


“So where’s Harry?” Willow asks. I nearly choke on a piece of bread and she gives me a funny look. Shoot! I forgot about the fact that I have not yet told her about him yet. Truth is I haven’t told anyone back home. I was and am still too ashamed to admit that he dumped me.


“He’s uh, he’s out of town for a couple of weeks.” I cover up and wipe at my mouth with a napkin.


She nods her head and I sigh in relief. Don’t get me wrong, I feel guilty about lying to her and everyone back home, but I knew 11 months ago that my mother would demand I come home and Willow would have just pitied me and I did not at the time –and now- feel like being pitied. I just want to forget about Harry, our kiss and just move on with my life as if Harry is not now best buds with my boyfriend or that I cheated on my afore mentioned boyfriend with the guy that took my virginity and crushed my heart.


“Oh where did he go? And when is he coming back? I’m leaving the day after tomorrow and I wanted to get some dinner with you two.” She smiles and takes the final bite to her pancake. I watch her down an entire glass of water in one go and frown at the sight, but nevertheless I do answer her question.


“He’ll be back… Friday. He’s visiting Lux. She’s been staying by his aunt in Florida.” I lie and straight through my teeth and for the first time in nearly a year, my mind drifts to Lux. I wonder where she is. She couldn’t possibly still be with Harry, could she? I guess that should have been the first red flag that Harry wouldn’t be attending college with me. She didn’t come with us and he never once mentioned her in the plane or the drive.


“Oh well that’s a bummer. Maybe next time.” She shrugs. I smile and nod. “Excuse me! Could we please get the check?” She signals to our waiter who then nods in acknowledgement and brings us the bill of fare.


“I’ll get this.” I say and reach into my bag for some cash. I pay the money for our meal and then we’re on our way.


We walk out of the café together in sync and I laugh when Willow shouts at a kid that pushes into her as he runs past. 


“Really getting in to the New York customs, I see.” I joke. She shakes her head and grins. “So what would you like to do now?” I ask her as we cross the street. She shrugs and looks around her.


“I’d say sightseeing, but knowing you, you probably went to every tourist attraction at least three times,” She bumps my shoulder and I chuckle. “How about we go shopping then? It’s nearing Winter in England and I have got to invest in some cute New York sweaters and beanies.”


“Sounds great!”





“Why didn’t Niall join you? I’d have loved to see him. We haven’t really spoken in a while.” I tell her as I flip through some jeans on a rack. She’s busy in the rooms where they let you try clothes on so I take her silence as a possibility that she couldn’t hear me “Willow?”


“Yeah, yeah. I heard. He’s uh… He’s been busy with classes so I thought it best to just rather come alone.” She says and opens the door to the changing room. “How do I look?”


“It looks great! Don’t get me wrong, but I think I might be a couple of sizes too big?” I say puzzled. She shrugs her shoulders and heads back into the dressing room.


“Okay, I’ve got just about everything I need. You want to look around some more or…?” She asks when she’s finally back in her regular clothes.


“We could get some smoothies and then head back to the dorms? Spend the rest of the days watching films?” I suggest. She tells me it sounds like a good plan and we start walking towards the cash register to pay for our couple of items. We leave to the smoothie bar shortly after with 3 bags each.


“How are classes going?” Willow attempts to make conversation in our short walk to Dave’s Smoothie Bar which is situated right in the middle of the mall and across from the boutique we were just in.


“Been good. Start exams in about two weeks,” I reply and lean against the smoothie counter, “One Tutti Fruity and a Mango and Peach, please.” I order for Willow and myself.


“Love how you know me, babe.” She laughs ad takes her smoothie from who I’m assuming is Dave. Willow ends up paying for the smoothies saying this is her way of paying me back for the breakfast I bought. I of course don’t complain and soon we find ourselves hailing a taxi for a ride home.


“Didn’t you say that Harry is away till Friday?” Willow asks. I look to her in skepticism.


“Yeah, why?” She points behind me and I slowly turn around. Oh my God.


Making his towards us is the one and only, Harry Styles and oh no, trailing behind him; my boyfriend, Fin.


There goes my lovely day.


“Harry! Over here!” Willow calls them over and my eyes widen. The smirk is much too visible on Harry’s face as he looks at us. He walks faster to us. Damn you Willow Lancaster, damn you.


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