Always *Sequel to Sexual Education*

"What do you mean?" I ask Harry as he frantically wipes at the tears streaming down his face. "Harry?!" I can't help the raised tone in my voice.

"I have to leave, London." The words leave his lips in slow motion and immediately I'm shaking my head.

"No-No! You can't.. You can't leave again, Harry, No!" My own tears form and he grabs a hold of my face in his hands and forces me to look him in the eyes, those beautiful teary eyes, but nevertheless my eyes shut as he speaks to me.

'I'll be back for you." I listen, but don't interrupt, "It's you and me, baby. Always." He says and when I open my eyes again, he's gone.


10. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight




“What’s wrong, Harry?” I ask, he sighs loudly and looks down in the middle of us to where I am fiddling with my hands. He returns his gaze back to face. He swipes his pink tongue across his lips and opens his mouth.


“It’s about Stone…” He starts by saying softly. As the words leave his lips I stand up from where I was seated on his. I give him a questioning look and he continues, “I’ve known for a couple of months now and I just want you to know that this doesn’t change anything, okay?” He gets up from the chair and walks over to me.


“Just tell me, Harry,” I urge him on. He frowns and grabs hold of my two hands.


“Before you were right born, right when your dad got his job at the police station, he wasn’t home a lot. It was because of training and orientation or something and it caused some arguments between him and your mother,” He looks at me as if to double check that I want to. I nod and he continues; “One night your mom was waiting for him, but he didn’t show up. So she got dressed and went out she met Stone and there was an instant connection. So he took her home and they did this for months. But then out of the blue, your mom started getting some symptoms and she went to the doctor to find out. She found out she was pregnant... with you,“

“No,” I interrupt him. “No I’ve heard enough, I-“


“She told your dad that you were his. Last year when he found out the truth is when his anger started and when he, you know…” I know it pains him to even think of the idea of my father touching me so I shake my head as he finishes.


“No, you’re lying Why are you doing this? Stop lying!” He grabs my shoulders and keeps me tight in his grip as I tremble.


“He’s you’re father, London. Stone is your biological father.”




I do what Willow had told me to and I rip it off like a band-aid, fast and easy.


“He’s you’re father, London. Stone is your biological father.”


“This can’t be happening.” She chants over and over again while struggling in my grip, trying to get free. I know better though, I know what will happen if I let her go so I pull her closer to me, but she pushes me back.


“You have to listen to me-“ I try to reason with her, but a stinging pang in my cheek cuts me short and I’m left with a red handprint on my cheek. She slapped me.


“You’ve known about this for two months and you haven’t told me? And I don’t even want to hear that bullshit of you trying to keep me safe and it being for me or the fact that I didn’t even know you were back then!” She screams in my face and smacks me again, luckily she only gets me on the bicep this time.


“I know, baby and I’m so sor-“


“I deserved to know about this, Harry.” She interrupts me once more and then turns her back to me. “Just leave.” She whispers after a few seconds of silence.


“London,” I choke out, but she shakes her head and points to the door


“Out.” She says firmly. I sigh and stand up to leave. As I near the door, she releases a whimpering noise and I turn around to see her crying on her bed, head stuffed in her pillow.


I go over to her and sit on the bed next to her. My hand goes to her back and I lean down to place a kiss on her head. “I love you.” I whisper and get up from the bed again.


I urge myself to continue walking and then I’m out of the door, leaving a weeping London alone in her dorm and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t kill me to leave her like this, but I need to do what’s best for her right now.


*Two Days Later*






The annoying sound of my phone ringing wakes me up and I groan. My arm stretches out to my right and I feel around on my bedside table  for my cell. My eyes are still shut when I press answer and hold it to my ear. I pray in the back of my mind that it is London calling to finally talk about what I told her two nights ago.


“Hello?” I ask groggily.


“Harry, it’s Stone. Where’s London? Is she with you?” Stone’s deep voice cuts through my eardrums and my eyes instantly fly open wide at the mention of London’s name. I shoot upright in bed and look around Fin’s guest room.


“What do you mean? She’s at her dorm.” I tell him panicked. I get out of bed and grab a pair of loose grey joggers and a white v-neck.


“I was just there. Her room is wrecked and there’s no one there. I’m on my way to your little friend’s place so meet me outside.” He hangs up and with that, I slide on the pants and pull the shirt over my head. I dial London’s number as I make my way out of Fin’s apartment, calling a goodbye to him as I slam the door shut.


“Hey, this is London. Sorry I can’t answer the phone right now, please leave a message at the beep.”


“Damn it! London where are you? Fucking call me.” I send the voicemail and head down the stairs to the lobby. I push open the glass doors right as Stone’s silver Rover pulls up. I get into the car as quickly as possible and we speed off silently.




“London? Dear, what are you doing here?” I look at my mother with my eyes narrowed. I barely recognize her. Her hair is dyed a platinum blonde and I can instantly tell that she is much skinnier than she was when I left.


“Hey, mom. May I come in?” I ask, but don’t wait for her to reply before walking in and closing the door behind me. I walk past her make my way to the kitchen.


“I really need to talk to you.” I say and turn around to look at her. She’s still standing by the door staring at me with her heavily powdered cheeks and red painted lips. “Were you on your way out?” I ask puzzled . she smiles at me and comes over.


“There is something I have to tell you, sweetie.” She informs me. I raise an eyebrow at her and follow her into the kitchen.


My mom takes a seat on one of the counter seats and instructs me to do the same. I follow suit and stare at her in anticipation. Is she going to tell me about Stone? That he is my father. After all these years, is today the that all truth comes out?


“I’ve met someone, London.” She tells me. My mouth falls open and I look at her in utter shock. “We’ve been seeing each other for about 8 months. I was on my way to a date with him when you dropped by, actually.”


“What?” I stutter. “You’re dating someone? For 8 months, and you haven’t told me?” I jump up from the chair and give her a look that clearly shows how unpleased I am with this new piece of information.


“I didn’t want to have to tell you over the phone. You have to understand and I was waiting for you to visit before I told you. Please understand.” She grovels for my forgiveness and it is then when I remember what I came here for. And that is the truth.


“Mom, there’s something I have to tell you too.” She looks at me expectantly.


“What is it, honey?”


“Does the name Stone van Buuren mean anything to you?” Her face first looks amused, but it then contorts into a abnormal pale when his name leaves my lips. She quickly tries to cover it up though so I continue. “He came to see me in New York.” I lie.


“What?” She tries to play it cool.


“Stone van Buuren came to talk to me in New York. He told me the truth mom. About how dad isn’t really my  dad and how he is. How could you keep this from me?”I can feel the tears burning at the back of my eyes, but I stay strong. The expression on her face is all I the confirmation I need to let me know that it is true. That the cold hearted Stone van Buuren is in fact my biological father.


Her eyes are glossy and her face a ghostlike pale. She doesn’t even have time to answer me, because there is a knock at the door. My mother leaves the kitchen silently and soon a male’s voice fills the house. Must be her date.


“Honey,” My mom walks back in alone and steps over to me. She leans down and kisses the top of my head. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours and then we’ll talk, okay? I love you.” She leaves without another word and I wait for the door to slam shut.


I reach into my pocket for my phone and that’s when I remember that I had left it in my dorm. As soon as Harry left, I packed some clothes and boarded the first plane to England within the hour. The phone ringing interrupts my memories of past 2 days and I get up to answer it.




“London?” Harry. My eyes widen and I regret answering the phone immediately. “What the bloody hell London? What-“


I hang up the phone in a panicked action and stare at it as it begins to ring again. 


[A/N: Sorry sorry sorry! I know I should have updated forever ago, but I have been having a VERY bad couple of weeks so I couldn't get around to it.


Hope you understand.


Can't wait to hear what you think! Who do you think London's mom is dating? 


Love yooouu!]

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