Feeling The Affection

Mia had always stayed low, but she could be quite the loud girl. She did only have a few friends, but she wouldn't want to waste them for anything. One day she catches a boy looking at her, but he wasn't like the ordinary boys she had met. He was nice, caring, cocky and weird. And faith put them together


1. o n e


There was something about him. The way he stood there staring at me. His crystal blue eyes bored straight into my own green ones. It was like he could read my every thought. And that scared me. I wasn't supposed to feel like this! Not after that. So why do I feel like this to this man I've never seen in my life?

The question is unanswered as he continues to look at me the way I look at him. It wasn't any surprise that I quickly ran of before he could actually talk to me. That would have been awkward.

My footsteps made this clicking sound because of the heels I were wearing. Don't get me wrong, I hate being in high heels, but Velia forced me when we were going to our best friend's birthday party. Velia was my twin sister. A diva and doll. Obsessed with make-up, clothes and nails.

I drew the cloak closer to my body as I was feeling the cold air. My short blue dress didn't give much heat and I just wanted to get home.

A hand grabbed my shoulders and made me scream. When I turned around I saw it was the guy I had a "staring" contest with.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I screamed at him. His blue eyes looked taken aback, but he managed to compose himself. The blonde hair his head was styled upward and it suited him just fine. Wait, what am I thinking? He could be a murderer for all I know!

"Why in the name of Zeus did you scare me?" I asked. I hadn't noticed what I said before the guy broke into a full fit laugher. My cheeks flamed red and I just couldn't believe I said that!

"Did you really just say that?" He asked while trying to control his laugher. It made me pretty pissed that he was laughing in my face.

So of course I did the only resonate thing I could ever do; I punched him.

He clutched his nose as I saw red liquid come out of it. I stared at him in wonder.

Did I do that?

No, I couldn't have done it. I'm not that strong. At least I don't think I am.

"What the fudge?!" The boy said harshly. Okay maybe he didn't exactly say 'fudge', but I don't like swearing.

"You laughed." It wasn't the best come back, but I didn't like people laughing at me. They did it enough in school, but there I didn't fight back.

The boy looked at my sad expression and softened for a seconds before going back to his normal angry stare.

"That is still not a valid reason why you punched me!" Okay, maybe it wasn't for him, but for me it was really refreshing to do something back.


I turned back around and walked the few minutes I had left to my house. My house wasn't big nor it was small, but average and perfect for us.

The boy didn't follow me home, but I really can't tell for sure since I wasn't paying attention to everything that was around.

My feet padded up the steps to my front door and walked inside. Luckily granny was home today and the house was more lively than it usually was when I came home from school.

"Hello, granny!" I called and hung up my jacket by the door. Some muffling came from the kitchen. My guesses was that granny were there; cooking something.

"Oh my!" Was what I heard when I entered the kitchen and saw granny crouching down in front of the sink trying to find something.

"What are you doing?" I laughed.

Granny's head snapped to me and she smiled. Since my parents died in a fly crash when I was eight, she have been my guardian. For ten years I've lived with her and I love her more than anything.

"Oh you know, trying to fix the sink," she shrugged. She made this weird face that made me crack up. The laugher coming out of me, was utterly weird. I hated my laugh, but I couldn't exactly stop laughing.

"Why don't you call someone to do it?" I asked her when I had calmed down.

"Mialla Isabella Cion, when have I ever asked someone for help?" Her voice boomed and I looked at her with a terrifying look. Granny had never wanted anyone to help her, so since I mentioned she went a little, uh, crazy.

"Okay! Geesh, I didn't mean anything by it," I muttered.

Granny's eyes softened and that made me smile at her again. We really didn't have any fights, but when we do it usually don't last long.

"Okay, Millie, dinner is ready in an hour," she said and used her nickname for me when I was little. It was the time I couldn't say my name property and said 'Millie' instead of 'Mialla'.

"Sure, I will be in my room doing homework," I told her before rushing up the stairs with my backpack slung over my shoulder.

As I walked in and to my desk on the right side, I saw that my window was open and it let in chilly air. I walked past my big bed(at least I thought it was big) and over to the window. Before I was to close it I noticed a small paper slip blowing in the wind. It was tucked under a rock and I was sure someone had put it there.

At the same moment I grabbed the slip and closed the window I looked out and saw the guy that I punched in the face. His blue eyes were staring straight at me and I noticed his features more now. His body was build well, but not like that intense muscle guy.

I also noticed he had a lip ring that fit him really well. As I remembered his blonde hair stood up and he looked kinda hot. The only thing that would make me laugh was that his nose was bandaged.

Before I started to ogle at him I hurried away from the window and closed my curtains.

The paper slip crunched in my hands as I now realised I still had it in my hand.

Something told me that the guy was the one that put the note in my room. And somehow I didn't seem to mind.

I opened the folded slip and saw that there was something written on it in a messy handwriting:

You were kinda hot when you punched my face.

Ps. I still think you're beautiful.

The note didn't make much sense to me the first time I read it so I read it like six or seven times before I actually caught on the logic. He says that I'm beautiful, but when I punched him I probably for him looked hot. As I would never describe myself as hot in any way. Eh, well maybe that was it meant.

"Okay creepy dude," I muttered to myself as I threw the note in the paper bin.

"You know it's not nice to throw things you got in the trash."

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