Love birds

Blue is shy and not so self confident girl,she lives with her mum and her life is boring but everything changes when she meets Harry who is totally opposite of her but still same.


1. princes needs her sleep

-----Blues pow---

i made my way to home from school. it was 15.30 and it was beautiful day but cold the fall was coming and i had little flu. i opened the door of block of flats where i lived. it had only 3 floors. so there was no elevator. i walked up the stairs and heard footsteps like someone was coming down the stairs. i took my keys i was almost at my floor. i saw guy with brown hair and blue-greenish eyes. he was taller than me and clearly few years older than me. he noticed me and gave me smile. "hey Neightbour!" he greeted smiling to me. well this guy was happy. "hi." i said shyly giving him small smile. "i'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson.  i just moved upstairs." he said and shake my hand. "Blue Winters." i said. "cool name." he smiled. "thanks." i  blushed bit. "But i gotta go to pick up my friends. it was nice to meet you. see you around." he said with huge smile. "okay. see you." i smiled and he continued his way to the stairs and i opened my door and went inside.

it was ten a clock and mum wasn't home yet. she had night shift,she was nurse. she was rarely at home so i was used to be alone. i heard someone turning up the music upstairs. probadly that louis guy. i heard footsteps like there was some elephants upstairs. don't say Louis is one of the guys who party's every night. he seemed like really hyper person. so it wouldn't be surprise. it was eleven a clock and i could still heard them there. i was trying to sleep. i changed to my leggings and hoodie and slipped in to my vans and walked upstairs. i rang the door bell. i heard footsteps. there stood some guy with REALLY curly hair. he was wearing tight white shirt and tight black jeans and had tattoos. "how can i help you?" he asked. "Can you turn music bit smaller, i'm trying to sleep." i said. "Louieeee!" he yelled and Louis rushed at the door. "oh hey Blue." he smiled. "so this is the cute girl who lives next door." that curly haired guy said. "shut up Harry." Louis said quickly. "can you turn the music volume little smaller, i'm trying to sleep." i said again. "oh, you are allready going to sleep? awwwn. why? join us!" Louis said. " no thanks." i said. "so you are still in school or something? how old are you?" Harry asked. "i'm eighteen and i have school tomorrow so...."  i said. "ofcourse we will turn the music off. princess needs her sleep. don't her Niall!" Harry yelled and some blonde guy rushed to door. "why did i hear my name?Harry? who is she?" guy with Irish accent said. they three were so handsome that  i almost felt like i could pass out at any second. "she is trying to sleep. tell to Zayn and Liam to turn of the music so she can sleep." Louis said. "Oh, sorry. didnt ment to keep you up because of our music." Niall said. he seemed to be the sweetheart from the group. "okay. i will go now." i said. "goodnight." Niall and Louis said Harry just stared me. "see you later beautiful." he said. "Haz! why do you have to try hit every girl you see!" i heard louis say. "shes cute. dont need to punch me for saying that she is beautiful." i heard harry say. i closed the front door and there was more quiet this time and i actually fell asleep even that i just met three pretty fine looking guys.

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