A Players Game ( Micheal Clifford Fan Fiction )

Micheal Clifford is known to be the school player. He has always been able to get a girl with a snap of his fingers. That is until he meets Ashlyn. Shes nothing like the girls he's friends with. Shes quiet and shy but has no problem standing up for her friends. Micheal sees something in her what he hasnt seen in anyone else. Will he learn how to fall in love or will he stick to his player ways.


7. chapter 9

I got out of my car reaching over and grabbing snowball walking up to Marx front door. I stumbled a bit shaking and tears falling down my face. I knock loudly and here someone hurrying to the door. The door opens and Marx is there staring at my shaking form.

"So remember how you said if I needed a place to stay" I say my voice trailing off as I start to sob again.

He doesn't respond just takes snowball placing him inside before grabbing me up and holding me tightly. I cling to him as I cry into his shoulder.

"What the hell did they do to you" He asks placing a couple kisses to the cheek that isn't bleeding.

"My dad.... He throw a beer bottle at me. They have always been bad but have never hurt me like that before. I just lost it Marx. I told them that I was living and I wasn't coming back. I can't go back there. Please Marx I can't go back" I sob out still clutching him.

"I'm not letting you go back. They won't hurt you ever again I promise" He says pulling me inside and sitting me on the couch. He yells for his mom and she comes running in. Mrs. Thomas starts to freak out right when she sees that I'm hurt and runs over to me.

"Ashlyn honey who did this to you" She asks bending down in front of me placing her hands on my face.

I told her everything. I told her all they put me through for the last ten years. I told how unwanted and how much pain they've made me feel. I told her it all.

"Please don't make me go back there. I can't take it anymore" I say as more tears slide down my face. She wipes them away her eyes comforting and caring. Her eyes showing how a real parent should be.

"I'm not going to make you go back there Ashlyn. I only wish I'd known what has been happening to you all these years. I would have made you come here a lot sooner and made sure that your sorry excuse for parents rot in jail were they belong. I'm so sorry that they put you through all this" She says her eyes still comforting. Though I could see the anger in her eyes at what my parents have done. I could see just how much she cares.

She had Marx go out to the car and get my stuff to put in the guest room. I followed her to the bathroom where she helped to clean up my face and stop the bleeding. I smiled at her grateful. I told her what I had said to my parents before I left and that I would call the police and tell them everything they had put me through if they tried to stop me from leaving.

"You were right to say those things. They had hurt you and they needed to hear what all they put you through. I will call the police personally if they show up here so don't worry sweetie. Your safe now" Mrs. Thomas says pulling me into a hug.

"Thank you Mrs. Thomas. For everything" I say to her. She smiles hugging me tighter.

I feel a slight pull on my leg and look down at evaleen. I smile and pick her up. Evaleen is Marx youngest sister. She's two and his other sister Leara is five. Marx mom had gotten with this guy a few years after his dad died. It didn't work out so he left after Evaleen was born. It's for the best though. They are better off without him.

I smile as she places her little hand on my cheek.

"Booboo" She says pointing to it and I smile at how cute she is. I nod and she kisses my cheek were my booboo is. I kiss her cheek in return and she giggles.

I walk downstairs with her and Mrs. Thomas to the living room. Leara is now sitting in front of it watching tv and coloring. She looks up smiling when she sees me.

"Ashlyn" She calls running to me hugging me and I hug her back careful not to drop Evaleen. She pulls me over to the couch so she can show me what she's coloring. I sit behind her watching her coloring holding Evaleen tightly in my lap.

Marx comes a couple minutes later suiting next to me. Holding snowball and domino. Domino was from the same litter of puppies as snowball. He looks a lot like snowball but he has a few black spots in his fluffy fur and snowball is pure white.

"Are you feeling a little better" Marx asks eyeing me with worry.

"Yes thank you for everything Marx. I don't know what I'd do without you" I say and he smiles.

"I'll always be here for you Ashlyn and I don't know what I'd do without you either" He says.

That night I felt like I belonged to a real family again. There was no smell of alcohol no screaming no police no sirens. It was how a family should be. Loving family talking and laughing sitting down for dinner and hugging eachother goodnight. For the first time in awhile I was happy. For the first time in awhile I was safe.

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