A Players Game ( Micheal Clifford Fan Fiction )

Micheal Clifford is known to be the school player. He has always been able to get a girl with a snap of his fingers. That is until he meets Ashlyn. Shes nothing like the girls he's friends with. Shes quiet and shy but has no problem standing up for her friends. Micheal sees something in her what he hasnt seen in anyone else. Will he learn how to fall in love or will he stick to his player ways.


6. chapter 7

Marx and Marci skipped the rest of the day with us. Marx was so pissed at what happened he didn't talk the whole ride to Stivers house. Though Stiver seemed to calm him down a bit.

We watched a couple movies and walked to the park and we all seemed better by them. Though for me I knew that soon I would have to go home. My parents had got out of jail this afternoon and would be back home and drinking.

After a while Marx drove us all home. He dropped me off last.

"Are you sure you will be okay" He asks looking toward my house.

"Yes I'll be fine. If I need you I'll call I promise" I say smiling though I am not I really would. I just don't wanna pull my friends into everything. They are all I have.

Marx hugs me before I walk inside. The fimiliar alcohol smell filled my nose. They were both in there room yelling so I walked to mine. The only room that didn't smell like alcohol. Again snowball was waiting for me on my bed.

I smiled at her and sat down patting her head. I froze when I heard my door open.

"I heard you got suspended today. Way to go" She sneers at me. I don't take it personally she is just drunk. I try to just stay silent hoping it works like usual but it doesn't.

"You are worthless we give you everything and all you do is let us down" My dad says from behind my mom.

"I'm sorry" I say moving back a little on my bed. Snowball cowers behind me.

"That's not good enough" my mom screams.

I scream in pain as my dad throws his beer bottle at the wall by my head. My mom still in a drunken state seems surprised by this to.

I lift my hand to my face shaking as I see the blood on my hand. The glass had cut open the side of my face. I start to sob as I feel the blood start to flow down my face and neck socking my shirt.

When I looked up at my parents again I saw something in there eyes that I hadn't seen in years. Worry. It didn't matter anymore. I finally lost it.

"You wanna who the disappointment is you are. You are the ones not good enough. All you do is drink and scream at each other. I don't even want to come home from school. I take the long way home just to have a few more minutes away from you. I hate it and I hate you. You have let me down for the last time. I don't care anymore go ahead and drink. Drink until you die from alcohol poisoning. I won't be here to see it. I'm leaving and if you try to stop me I will tell the police everything I have been through all these years and they will put you away for child neglect. All I wanted was for you guys to love me but I don't need you or anyone else so fuck you. I hope you have fun killing yourselves. You won't here from me ever again so don't worry I won't be a disappointment to you anymore" I yell as I grab my stuff putting it in my bag. They stare at me in shock as pick up the last of my stuff and head downstairs putting it in my car. I run back inside to get snowball.

"I'm sor-" My dad starts to say trying to reach for me.

"Save it" I say yanking my arm free.

"Ashlyn please-" My mom says running out to the car after me.

"Fuck you" I yell at her getting in my car.

I look up at my parents as my parents who are for once sober in the last ten years stare at me with guilt and sorrow. I can see they are sorry but I know they will never change. I shake my head as I pull out of my drive way and away from them for hopefully the last time.

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