A Players Game ( Micheal Clifford Fan Fiction )

Micheal Clifford is known to be the school player. He has always been able to get a girl with a snap of his fingers. That is until he meets Ashlyn. Shes nothing like the girls he's friends with. Shes quiet and shy but has no problem standing up for her friends. Micheal sees something in her what he hasnt seen in anyone else. Will he learn how to fall in love or will he stick to his player ways.


5. chapter 6

I fell asleep during first period. I tried to stay awake but I was to tired. When I open my eyes again I see everyone is piling out of the classroom and the bell rung.

I look over to see that Stiver already left. I got up confused. Stiver usually would wait for me. I walk out of the classroom to see everyone crowded around in the hallway. I was about to ask someone what was going on when I heard Stiver scream.

Oh no.

I fight my way through the crowd to where Tyler was punching at Stiver. I look behind Tyler to see Micheal staring at him in shock. His eyes turn to me but I turn mine back to Stiver.

"Get off of him" I yell running up and pushing Tyler away from Stiver.

He went to strike Stiver again but I moved in front of him.

"If you don't move I'm going to hit you too" Tyler says clenching his fist.

"Tyler stop it. Just leave them alone" I hear Micheal say from behind Tyler. He moves to stand beside him.

"I'm not moving" I yell standing my ground.

Tyler just moves closer and raises his fist. I close my eyes and wait for him to hit me but hear him hit someone else. I open my eyes to see Micheal standing in front of me. Clutching his now bleeding nose.

Tyler looked at him shocked that he stood in front of me. Shouting sounded from the end of the hallway and a teacher came to break up the fight pulling me, Stiver, Micheal, and Tyler along with him to the principles office.

To say the least the principle was pissed. Considering Stiver was the victim he didn't get in trouble but I got two days suspension Micheal got four days and Tyler got ten.

Tyler stormed out of the school punching lockers as he went. Leaving me Stiver and Micheal standing alone in the hallway.

"Thank you" Stiver says to Micheal.

"Don't thank me you didn't deserve it no one does" Michael says placing a hand on his shoulder.

For the first time ever I smiled at Michael.

"Thank you for taking that hit for me you didn't have to" I say causing Michael to turn to me.

"I couldn't let anything happen to that pretty face of yours now could I" He says winking at me causing me to blush.

Stiver and and I watch after him as his green hair disappeared from sight when he walked out the door toward the school parking lot.

"You like him don't you" Stiver asks amused as he catches me staring.

"No I'm just glad he was there to help" I say heading to my locker to get my stuff not wanting to stay for the rest of the day. Trying to shake Stivers words from my mind.

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