A Players Game ( Micheal Clifford Fan Fiction )

Micheal Clifford is known to be the school player. He has always been able to get a girl with a snap of his fingers. That is until he meets Ashlyn. Shes nothing like the girls he's friends with. Shes quiet and shy but has no problem standing up for her friends. Micheal sees something in her what he hasnt seen in anyone else. Will he learn how to fall in love or will he stick to his player ways.


3. chapter 4


 Marci Andrews
 friends with Ashlyn, Marx, and Stiver 
 has one older brother 
 parents work all the time 



The rest of the day went by pretty fast. I promised I wouldn't tell Marx what happen as long as Stiver told him later. Marx would have lost it. Stiver hates when he makes a scene and said it would be better to tell him outside of school. Which I agreed. When the final bell rang I gave Stiver and Marx a hug by and left to find Marci.


I found her outside leaning against my car. I walked over unlocking the car and jumping in. I sat quietly listening to her talk about her day. She didn't mind that I was so quiet she was use to it.


"So do you think you can come over Thursday and help me finish my assignment for Friday" Marci asks hopefully.


"You mean come over and help you start and finish your project and yes I'll come over Thursday" I say correcting her causing her to laugh.


I pulled up to her house and she pulled me into a hug before pulling away. I wave to her before she heads inside.


I took the long way home and drive slow wanting to be away for as long as possible. Sadly though I came up to my house. I grab my bag and walk to the front door. The first thing I smell when I open the door is beer. I hear my parents yelling in the kitchen and hurry upstairs not wanting to be involved.


I open my bedroom door and smile at snowball. She sitting on my bed waiting for me. Snowball is my little chuwawa. I got her last year for my birthday. Marx had got her for me. She has pure white fur that puffs out every where.


I walk over to her and pet her small head before taking my bag and sitting down at my desk. I spend the next couple hours doing my homework and finishing my assignment for literature.


After I'm done I change and crawl into bed curling up next to snowball.


I wake up when I hear my mother screaming at my dad in the room two doors down. Then my dad screams back and I hear something break. I pull snowball closer to me and reach over to my shelf at my side. I pull on my beats and let music blast through trying to drown them out but it doesn't work. Sirens start to sound from down the street and I see the lights flashing outside meaning that the neighbor called the police again. I sigh and look out the window knowing that I wouldn't be getting anymore sleep tonight.

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