A Players Game ( Micheal Clifford Fan Fiction )

Micheal Clifford is known to be the school player. He has always been able to get a girl with a snap of his fingers. That is until he meets Ashlyn. Shes nothing like the girls he's friends with. Shes quiet and shy but has no problem standing up for her friends. Micheal sees something in her what he hasnt seen in anyone else. Will he learn how to fall in love or will he stick to his player ways.


2. chapter 2


 Stiver heartson 
 friend: Marci
 best friend: Ashlyn
 boyfriend: Marx 
 has two older brothers and a little sister 
 parents are writers



I take my seat next to Stiver as class starts. Making sure to keep my head forward because of course Tyler Fords one of the biggest assholes I've ever met just so happened to be sat behind us. I place a comforting hand on Stivers arm for a second trying to calm him down.


Tyler Fords has always loved to pick on him but since Stiver came out and started dating Marx it got a lot worse.


I keep quiet as usual and focus on the assignment in front of me. About half way through the class a balled up piece of paper hits the side of Stivers face and lands on the desk. I can hear some people laughing but focus on Stiver. I give him a look begging him not to open it because I know whatever Tyler has to say is not anything good. It never is.


Stiver slowly unfolds it and reads the one word that's written in the middle of the paper.




I watch as he starts to tremble and his eyes fill with tears. I feel my heart break into a thousand pieces as slowly starts to cry and he jumps up running out of the classroom a few people laughing as he leaves. I shake my head at them in discust. I turn around and glare at Tyler and Micheal Clifford who I hadn't noticed was sitting next to him until now.


"Fuck you Tyler" I yell pushing him backwards in his chair to the point where he falls over.


I walk toward the door hoping to find Stiver.


"What's going on" Mr. Roberts says standing up.


"Why don't you ask Tyler" I say to him shoving the crumpled up paper against his chest.


As I exited the classroom I heard something that surprised me. I heard Micheal yelling at Tyler.


"Tyler what the fuck is wrong with you why can't you leave him alone he didn't do anything to you" Micheal yells.


I replay it over and over again in my head as I search the halls for Stiver. Did Micheal really just stand up for Stiver.

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