READ WITH CAUTION: Contains some STRONG LANGUAGE & Sexual References. Drugs, Alcohol and other . . . Adult themes.

Everyone is finally moving school. Finally! Although, I’m not sure what that even means. Whether school is supposed to be taken seriously or just a fun place to be. Joke around, mess around, and play around. Everything is much clearer thanks to Mrs Cleary, a woman- I mean a teacher who really knows how to clear the problems in life. Literally, she is almost my teacher. Almost. I’ve been pretty up-to-date with who the heck I’m going to get as my teacher for school.

- Welcome to School Life –


1. - Welcome To School-Life -


Kyle's POV

Everyone is finally moving school. Finally! Although, I’m not sure what that even means. Whether school is supposed to be taken seriously or just a fun place to be. Joke around, mess around, and play around. Everything is much clearer thanks to Mrs Cleary, a woman- I mean a teacher who really knows how to clear the problems in life. Literally, she is almost my teacher. Almost. I’ve been pretty up-to-date with who the heck I’m going to get as my teacher for school.

- Welcome to School Life –

Whether you want a teacher or not, you’ll always end up with jokers. You may think that’s awesome if you’re a Batman fan. However, having jokers around the school is not fun. It always ends with someone getting hurt, someone being bullied. They say it’s a prison for kids, but really its one massive joke after another. You want safety? How about you look out for yourself. You want to feel at home? Make it your home. Everything I’m telling you is complete BS. Sorry if you don’t know what that word means. It’s just our own little language. Peace.

- Day One –

“Welcome Year 7, boy . . . this is going to be another year of chaos.” The teacher bravely speaks in the microphone.

I’m nudged by a complete stranger, he looks pretty shady. No need to be rude, I know. But he really knows how to send a threat your way. His dark green eyes staring at me as if I’m supposed to run away from him. He coughs into my left ear and continues to nudge me. Until I realise that half of the classroom has bolted off out of the assembly room. Okay. Seriously? Is this a joke? Why are they afraid of this Muppet?

The teacher mumbles in the background. This so-called bully makes a dangerous move on me.

“Yo—did you hear what I said?” He nudges me again.

“Yeah. You said ‘Yo’ and you’re blocking my view.” I speak up for myself.

“Wow, you certainly have some guts, kid. I’ll give you that.” He laughs. “Enough guts to call me out. Jesus, why do they run away?”

I nodded in confusion to his strange behaviour around me. “Sure . . .”

“Ha, ha. Wow. You don’t just let it go do ya?”

“I’m quite myself today.” I interrupt him.

“Soon, you’ll be running. Don’t take my word for it, ha, ha.” He nudged me a third time. “Why don’t you call your mother?”

As he waves a phone in my face, making a joke of me. I finally realise that this punk has stolen my phone and wants to get some kind of joke out of it. The teacher continues to mumble about the special year ahead of us. I throw a punch. Knocking this so-called bully to the ground. His face hits the side of the chair next to him. His nose makes a click sound and soon there is blood pouring out of his nose. He looks at me and then looks away. The teacher caught us, damn it. He waddles over in his fancy suit, whatever. Giving us the basic rules and calls me to follow him like some kind of sheep dog.

“Follow me. I’m not going to have this kind of behaviour in my school. You, sir. Please, go to the nurse’s office. She’ll be around the corner most likely. Ha, ha.”

All the members of my new class, they just watch me. Boys and girls just staring at me as if I’m naked or something. They just look at me like everything is one massive joke. I step up onto the platform with the teacher in-front. His trying to test if the microphone works and then he takes a deep breath and calls me out. The boys and girls look away from me. Some don’t. A majority of them giving evil looks and some others flirting with me. Maybe, I’m just one of those kind of guys’ who wants to make an impression wherever we go.

“What’s your name, sir?” The teacher asks me.

“Jeez, I don’t know.” The dumbass hasn’t even noticed that I’m wearing a sticker like everyone else with our names written in biro ink.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. Okay, Michael. I don’t want any bad behaviour in this school, under this roof, near me. Got it, kid?” He spoke in my left ear.

The idiot didn’t realise that he just called me a kid whilst talking on the microphone. Ha, ha. This is guy is a sucker.

All of the strangers, ahem’ the audience laughed at the teacher.

When the school bell always rings. It always leaves me with some chums. People that don’t have an idea on how to make friends. I’m just stuck with myself half the time. Really makes me wonder whether it’s good to be bad. The teachers all lined up for me and strangers, we are all looking forwards to this great year ahead of us. No. Not even a little bit of hope in me, today. This school year is going to be the same as any other year, difference is, and I can drop out at any point. Give up and move schools. However, if I even think about moving schools, I’ve always got to remove the flirty girls from my life. Take on a new person, remove my identity and my information from each past school. Moving schools is easy but the style I go for is a little broken and crooked. I’ll always take the easy way out with a catch. Removing myself from the system, I love it.

I was nudged again. “Get out of our way!” A young girl called out from behind.

I decided to make an evil look towards her, turning my head to get a good look of the girl.

“Screw off!” I shouted.

She gasped and held back her left hand. As if she was going to slap me? She approached the situation, me. And attempted to let her friends deal with me. Instead, a teacher butts in and throws a lesson of guidance in front of me. Pulled to the side for driving, makes sense. Pulled to the side for bad behaviour in a school? Sounds like someone isn’t too happy with the way I work. I don’t just let pesky teachers and rude kids make a big deal out of me. I make them a deal with no-going-back trademarked to the deal.

“Kyle. What’s your problem?” The teacher calls out.

“. . . You should know. I’ve been around schools like a planet . . .” I rudely interrupt her drinking game.

“Oh dear. Kyle, again?” Another teacher walks in.

“Get off me!” I demand. “Lay your hands off innocent kids . . .”

Dragged away by my rucksack, I’m pulled to the side. With my stomach rumbling and my head wanting to go through the ceiling. My mind dreams of a way out. Crazy unimaginative ways to escape a school building. Jet boots, jetpack, and a whole set of drugs on a bus. (It was one of those crazy day dreams.)

“Kyle. Come with me, please.” – “always one. Always one!” She spoke under her breath.

“What was that?” I rudely asked.

“Shut up, Kyle.” The teacher delivers a killing conversation word.

Walking away with guilt all around me. Breaking a rule? What the heck did I do? I don’t remember even laying a finger on that girl. If anything, she should be pulled aside for trying to punch me. Although, what good would that do? It’s like she was trying to get me into trouble. The teacher drags me away, her black skirt really proves she likes dancing. Well, maybe not. I’m always curious on what a lady wears. Don’t ask. After what felt like an hours walk, I was exhausted. And for good reason too; sleepy, not enough sleep and you know the drill. If you don’t. Why am I even telling you all this?

- The Detention Office –

Whatever you guys call it. It’s called the lamest name here. The Detention Office. Ooh, real scary. I think I’m going to just lie down and let the punishment fly over. The time might as well take a nap too. Why? Well, who the heck cares about that? Not me of course. There is always going to be a time and a place for the bad to get what they deserve. My mother tells me so much lies. So many fake ass stories. So many crummy excuses for such crimes against life. Why would you even hold the weapon if it was given to you by a so-called friend? I don’t know. It all went wrong anyways. I was left with a choice, and option. That’s when I met the real rough scallions. The real tough people, the ones that can really do serious damage to your life. Family and friends have all suffered the same kind of stuff. It’s rather play the cards right or just look them in the eye and give them a sorry-ass excuse for being around them. My excuse is good enough. I made no problem in the school, I made no difficulty. Yet, I’m being treated like a top-dog, thanks I guess.

With all eyes on me, I decided to sit there looking sorry for myself. Half of my heart wanting to just give up. Half of my brain just telling me pointless **** and that’s just the half of it. The other half is me thinking of running away for good. Make an escape, leave the school and never return. No school, no home, nobody even wants to look at me like my aunt used to. She saw something in me. I miss her. She was always there for me and never wanted to leave me behind, but she did.

- The Detention Office Conversation –

“You clearly have no control over your actions, Kate.” A deep voice whispered.

Kate. Oh yeah, the girl to the right of me. She looks stunning but so what. The looks always can deceive the person. I bet she’s in for theft or something.

“Well . . . I can control but can’t really . . . help myself.” She smiled.

“Oh really, is that why you made two boys fight for your attention?” The deep voice finally had a figure. (I looked up)

Tall man with a dark brown beard. Half of the beard was slightly lighter and his shade of eye colour really caught me out right. He looked as if someone had cut down the middle of his left eye. Barely looking at him, I resisted from even making eye contact with the man.

“And . . . Lee – you. Honestly, why are you still in this school?” The teacher rudely asked.

“Who cares? We all know what happens to the losers around here. Fam or no fam, they are always going to be begging for our attention.” Lee snickered.

“You may be a student of this school. But I can still make your life Hell.”

“Control yourself, please.” Kate whispered.

“Why the—you cheeky little mare.”

“Excuse me?” Kate puckered her lips.

“Get out of my sight. Go one, I don’t want to deal with rapscallions.”

Lee plugged in his head phones and popped them in his ear sockets. Ignoring all the words from the wise man and making no attempt on respecting anyone around him. Kate still looking like she was innocent and me just trying to understand the situation here. Before just getting up, I watched Lee’s disrespectful body language make the teacher shiver in his skin. He looked afraid, almost as if someone close to Lee had down the crime on his eye.

“I’ll be hearing from your parents. That’s for sure.” The teacher grumped.

Lee ignored him. Jamming his beats and just ignoring the outside public world.

As Kate stood up, I thought to myself: She looks stunning, she looks hot. She looks like an innocent girl. Making a fool of myself, I asked her out on the spot. The teacher sipped his drink and took a second look at me and Kate.

“What do you want?” Kate asked.

“You look—beautiful.” I spat out a compliment.

“Nice. What else is it you want from me?” She flirted with me.

“Nothing. He wouldn’t want something from you, Kate. The least you can do is give him a disease.”

Hearing a teacher talk so rudely to an innocent girl. I did another crazy action and stood up for her.

Standing tall, I stared the man in the face. “You have no idea who she is, do you?”

“Ha, ha. Neither do you.” The teacher took a second sip.

“I don’t get it. What is it with you teachers?” I pushed past his strong body.

“Nothing. There is nothing to even discuss. Just get out of here, kid.”

His rude remarks to me and Kate. I couldn’t let this man just get away with his disgusting behaviour. Whether I’m kicked out or thrown out, I’ll always be trash. Grabbing Kate’s hand and smiling at her. It gave me enough confidence to take control of the situation. Closing my hands into fists, ready to box him one. I throw a punch right at his face. Knocking him off his chair and he still looks at me as if I hadn’t done anything wrong.

“You two . . . are disgusting!” He coughed. Spitting out slight blood.

I attempted to walk away. Kate looked at me as if I had actually hurt the guy.

“A punch? Are you fuckin’ serious?” She calls me out on my bad deed.

“Yeah. I am serious. Nobody messes with me. Nobody!” My second-mind speaks for me.

“Why don’t you just . . . walk away from the problem?” She continues to flirt with me.

The teacher grabs me from around the neck and tries to push me into the wall. The other teachers better not be like this crazy lunatic. Kate looks at me like I’m some kind of criminal. Still flirting with me, she throws in a cheeky grin and walks out of the room like nothing ever happened. With the teacher wrestling me. A mid-aged man might I add. Several other teachers walk into the room and grab me by the back of my rucksack. Pulling me away from the old man. I’m left with nothing but guilt.

“Kyle. I should’ve known better.” The headmaster grunted.

Already had a call from Lee?” A background conversation interrupted my thinking.

Barely. He hasn’t spoken to me!” Another female voice interrupts.

“Kyle. This is not the first time I expect to have to deal with you. Causing a teacher an injury like that—you should know better!” He shouted.

“Oh yeah . . . how much better?” I smile.

“You should know—you’re the one who has control of your own body, Kyle. Jesus, what is wrong with you?”

“Maybe—you should know that too.” I rudely reply.

“Pathetic. Nothing out of this one. Lee might’ve gotten away with that.” He pointed at the mid-aged teacher’s left eye.

“And what, are you serious? You actually let him get away with that?!” I shout.

“Not really, Kyle. He was dealt with. I’m surprised he is still hanging around with hooligans.”

“Yeah. Is he on probation?” I laugh.

“Yes. He is actually on the bridge to criminal. You see, it’s better to see him recovering instead of falling down that road again.”

“How do you fall down a road?” I giggled.

“Shut up. It’s rather you apologize to Mr Candle or I’m going to have to call your parents!”

I nod as if I’ve been given the good routine schedule. He looks at me with wide eyes and technically drags me towards the Main Office.

School sucks. Lee sounds like a coward. And I’m going to get away with so much . . .

(There is always School-Life)

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