READ WITH CAUTION: Contains some STRONG LANGUAGE & Sexual References. Drugs, Alcohol and other . . . Adult themes.

Everyone is finally moving school. Finally! Although, I’m not sure what that even means. Whether school is supposed to be taken seriously or just a fun place to be. Joke around, mess around, and play around. Everything is much clearer thanks to Mrs Cleary, a woman- I mean a teacher who really knows how to clear the problems in life. Literally, she is almost my teacher. Almost. I’ve been pretty up-to-date with who the heck I’m going to get as my teacher for school.

- Welcome to School Life –


2. - Amy's POV -


Amy’s POV

Everyone is here. Wow, I never expected to see old faces returning. Just looking at them walk in, it really makes me nervous. Some have faces showing and others decide to hide theirs away. Hoods over them, keeping the eyes and any features invisible to our eyes. I was told to never ever judge a person by the way they look. But I can’t help but think that the ones hidden are the ones who are scared. Afraid even. I’m more afraid of myself than any of them over there. Some of the girls are hard to spot; some of them hidden behind hoods and wearing chunky coats. You can’t see the female body through the clothing, not even the outside features. It’s all covered by what I like to call ‘Fake Fashion.’

He looks good. I like his smile. It really brightens up my day . . . first day that is.

Sitting patiently, I really feel sick. I know what school is like. I’ve suffered through the years, like many others. It’s hard to think about the others. Because they are so oblivious and some are just blatantly obvious. It’s never easy to call out who you think is going to be the trouble-maker. My past teachers always said that the quiet ones are the ones to keep an eye on. Problem is . . . everyone is quiet today. First day here and nobody wants to become the Top-dog. It doesn’t feel like my other school experiences. This just feels weird…

“Hello, my name is Mr Andrew. I don’t recommend anyone talking until I say you can. I am your headmaster, or if you’re American – Principal Andrew. Any questions?”

Nobody spoke. It was as if they actually wanted to listen to his boring welcome phrase. It feels more like a speech that’ll just bore anyone. I could’ve sworn that I saw him earlier writing from a manual on how to speak to children.

“Ahem’ – you may speak now!” He grunted into the microphone.

Another girl like me. She raises her hand in the air without any expression on her face. It was as if she had no clue what she was going to say. She just felt like raising her arm in the air? I don’t know.

“Yes… you girl, what’s your name?” He rudely replies.

“J- Jessy, my name is Jessica. S… sorry. It’s just… I’m kind of shy.”

Before she could even gain any confidence to speak out loudly. Everyone laughed. Strangers, they all laughed at her nervousness.

He coughed. It was as if he was trying to hide away his laughter that clearly wanted to make him smile. What a jerk!

“Ahem’, Jessica. I’m sorry for the laughter. It’s not a great start, clearly…” He straightens his tie.

“I- its okay. I didn’t expect… a- anyone to really… ah! Sorry. It’s just, I’m nervous!” She called out.

More laughter followed after her finally admitting her feelings.

“Yeah, well… it happens to the best of us.”

“Does it?” A stranger upfront on the first row rudely interrupted.

“Of course! Jeez… it’s not all about you, Phillip.”

“Excuse me? I just wanted to ask this; are we going to have an early day, today?” She spoke low toned.

“Ahem’, not likely. I’m sorry for making it sound like this day was going to fly by… but it will. And I’m sure you will have a great day together. It’s rather you work together or you become the lonely wolf. Ahem’, ahem’…”

Mr Andrew didn’t get to say much. He only answered one question. It was barely anything to do with the question that lurked in my mind. The bell rang just after he was about to discuss the presentation displayed on the wall behind him. I looked around me and saw several kids my age. All wanting to grab their belongings; bags, coats and anything else that meant something to them. They just wanted to get out of the room. I guess… the talk with Mr Andrew didn’t go too well. It looks as if he is going to faint. The others just want to make a run for it. As for me… I’m at loss for words. Not really sure what I want to do. School isn’t really that bad. I guess. It’s just the feeling of being there that gets you.


Mr Andrew stopped talking upfront and asked Phillip to stay behind. Everyone else grabbed their coats and bags, standing up ready to leave the room. Mr Andrew sat next to Phillip. His head vanished from hindsight. His hair still stuck up though. I could clearly see where he was sitting in the front row. Whilst Mr Andrew was sitting down next to Phillip and talking behind our backs. Another teacher stood up from her front seat. No clue to her name. I guess she’s our teacher this year? She stood carefully and balanced slightly near the corner of the walls. She smiled at all of us. We all just wanted to leave the warm room. The temperature had been rising since we sat down. It was clear some were sweaty.

“Okay, pupils. Follow me to our classroom. It’s not too far from this room…”

Several sounds of laughter behind me. I chose to block out the sounds and just try to focus on what the teacher was saying. I barely heard a word of her speech. All I got from it was ‘okay… pupils, classroom.’ Yeah. It’s really not what she said… is it?

As she stood at the exit of the room; two large doors, wooden and nicely painted. The others followed not too far behind her. I waited for most of the crowd to die down a little. It was a little too much for my first day. I was never really one to join a crowd of people. It just felt a little too overwhelming. For some, it can actually be underwhelming. Never understood the logic behind that. Never will, most likely. Several of the others had already grabbed their coats and some fighting over phones and other gadgets stuff in their pockets. I rested my arm against the back of the seat, waiting patiently for the next row of people to walk past us and clear a pathway for the row I was in.

As soon as I looked behind me, I caught the sight of five boys doing Parkour over the seats. Some of them walking over the arms of the chairs and some diving forward into a crowd of girls. Three of them wearing thick coats and hats covering some of their faces. Not all of their face. It was enough to hide away their eyes. Their nose and mouth still visible; ears hidden behind the hat and their jawline is just about visible. Mr Andrew didn’t catch them out. They got across the seats so fast. No stumbling or even falling over. I was impressed with their skills.

The Classroom

Waiting in a line of people sucks! Especially the strangers too.

All waiting to go into (what will be our classroom,) the room where we’ll be spending most of our school hours. Well… it certainly better be good. Then again, a classroom is just a room. Nothing special about a room, right? Phillip… that douche! He has to be in my group. Why? I don’t want him in my group. I honestly thought this class, these people, mates and friends, I thought I’d be with better people than before. Oh, Jesus. Why did Mother have to make it sound so different… she described it so well: ‘A fresh new start. You can start again, make friends, and have more fun this time round.’ Those were her words. Dammit! Why does she have to do this to me?

“Assemble, Jeez. Come on! Move along…” a kid behind me pushed past me.

His dark toned skin and his blue and white hat put on backwards. His greenish eyes looked at me. I looked away. Refuse to give this guy eye contact. If he is going to push me around and nudge me, touch me. I don’t want that. Not in a rough way, not with him being a jerk. Other members of our group pushed through me like I was a door. As they pushed me, they’d push me backwards, as if I’m closing like a goddamn door! Maybe next time, I’ll just paint myself and stick a few digits on my forehead. Surely that’ll make this more reasonable. Forget it. Just forget it. This year is going to Hell. Why? I just know it. Call it my gut instinct, if you will.

After the whole class pushing past me. Pushing me to the back. There was no back. It was rather you wait patiently or just treat everyone like they’re dirt. And if that don’t work and you don’t get your own way. You’d just have to kick someone or squeeze through spaces and break through the people wanting to actually follow rules. Respect. I thought that still runs now-a-days. Is this the future all of a sudden? As in… no respect. No manners. Just being pushed around, thrown across a room and then treated like furniture?

The teacher finally told us her name. Her name is actually quite different to Mr Andrew. Figures. She is a female, I doubt she’d be called Andrew. It ended up being a name I dare not say. That name just had to be a name I’d most likely grow up to love one day. Her name was ‘Miss Jenkins’ and that name just rang so many bells. I don’t know. Maybe, I’ve heard it somewhere before. As if that name was used far too many times. If not, why does my brain just keep telling me that this name is familiar?

As I walked into the classroom, being the last one to actually step foot in such a room; a dark room I might add. All the others in the class stared at me. They looked at me as if I was prey and I was to blame for them not getting their seats sooner. Some of their faces, so hidden. And then of course there was one guy staring at me. All the goodie-two-shoes looking at me just felt odd but familiar. And then… the girls with all their make-up smooched across their face and lipstick melting off their lips. Jesus. They just had to look at me like that. Yep, nightmares all the way.

“Sit down please, Amy. You are late. Why are you late?” Miss Jenkins was clearly stupid.

Snickering behind me and in-front of me. I chose to ignore it and move on towards the empty desk. I placed my navy blue handbag underneath the plastic seat. As the chair screeched across the marble floor, all eyes on me. The teacher still waiting and giving me funny looks. I looked away with slight hesitation. I steadied my nerves and sat down, pushing my legs underneath the desk. The other girls talking behind my back. What a day… this school is just not going to be great in my opinion. Mother was wrong! Whatever!

Just another day in the Asylum. 

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