Making Fan fiction Better

This book is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I am writing this to help people improve what they have already written. If during any part of this book anyone feels offended by what I have said then I apologize that is not this books purpose. So enjoy.


3. Lesson 2

Lesson 2:


I don't think that this is a problem at all but I'm still going to mention it. When you rate a book you have to think about what is going to be in your book. If you get halfway through and feel like the rating is wrong you can always change it. But here are my ideas of what each rating should include:

~Green- no swearing and not very much violence. Gore and horrible scenes should be kept to a minimum. And there should be absolutely no talk of sex or passionate romance.

~Yellow- swearing can be used but still not in excess. Violence can get more dangerous but still should be safe for young children. Horror scenes can get worse but again must be able to be shown to children younger than you not just older. Sex can be talked about but not in detail.

~Red- This is when you have to be over 16 to read it. You can use all of the above but you must remember that some people would put a fake age on so that they can reed red books so be careful.


When you write a book just remember who might read it. And before you publish the book think to yourself, would you read this book to your younger siblings or your friends. Cause if not it probably shouldn't be rated green.

Good luck

~Lana xx

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