Making Fan fiction Better

This book is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I am writing this to help people improve what they have already written. If during any part of this book anyone feels offended by what I have said then I apologize that is not this books purpose. So enjoy.


2. Lesson 1

Lesson 1: 

~Spelling and punctuation~

Ok guys this is a big one, from the One direction fan fictions that I have read spelling is a big problem.


(Now I know that not everyone has this problem. If this does not apply to you then there is no need for you to read this.)

Back to the point, I understand that when you have an idea that you write quite quickly. And I realize that typing quickly can cause punctuation and spelling to become a bit dodgy. But that can be fixed.

1) Speech

This I have noticed is quite a big area to work on. So here are a few tips on speech:

~ All speech must have speech marks around it. (I have read a few books where this is not the case, and it is hard to work out what is speech and what isn't. Also without speech marks it is hard to work out who is speaking).

When a new person starts talking you must start on a new line. (This helps solve the problem of working out who is talking).

When someone has been talking, you have to go onto a new line if someone else reacts. (So for example if some one has told a character to go away. You have to go onto a new line so that the other character can walk away.)


"Just go away!" Chase shouted glaring at Luke.

Luke nodded and backed out of the room.

2) Commas

This is not as big a problem as speech but it still could be improved. Here are my tips:

~If the sentence is really long try using a semi colon instead. (I have read quite a few fan fictions and I don't even think I have seen one).

~Commas don't just separate sentences, they also separate lists. (I know this sound obvious but I have seen people who seem to forget this).


I know that this is all pretty basic stuff but I feel like it is a good idea to remind people of these things so that their stories can be even better.


I hope you have read what I have to say and taken it on board. Good luck

~Lana xx

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