The Dark Alliance


5. Chapter 5

He looked down at the ground and slowly knelt down and pick up the torch and examined the spot in which CLARA had stood. He realised that there was something odd about it all.  She wasn't there."bones!" He exclaimed to himself... "NO BONES, on the floor should piles of them, not just Clara's but everyone's" he swivelled around with increased torch light.  Nothing.  Without warning he jumped up to his feet and ran abandoning the hope of Clara. "What else can I do," he shouted to himself "If Clara's dead I can't do anything, but there must be civilisation around here somewhere" he continued to run through the trees in any clearer directions that sprang into view.  Suddenly,he skidded to a halt  and stood wide eyed at the landscape before him, a ditch like moat was dug deep and unevenly encircling a giant domed shape roof of some sort that looked as if it had been destroyed in places, a steam cloud shrouded the air around and engulfed the surrounding trees to silhouettes "AHHH! Now we're getting somewhere! 'Civilisation' or just a bit of a wreaked one!" He bounded down the huge moat and Squelch! He landed in something gooey "oh it's nice to know that the locals lived here" he moaned to himself as he scrambled his way to the huge dome. He ignored the state of his clothes and continued to walk around until he found what he thought to be a door of some description. Using the sonic it opened with a rusty squeak, the Doctor had to stand back as the hot steam poured out of the door. Chocking, he confirmed "yes definitely crashed or wrecked!", he peered in, torches at the ready and still spluttering "let's see what's waiting for me".
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