The Dark Alliance


4. Chapter 4

So back out into the winding unpredictable forest they went, glowing torches leading their way. "Doctor," whispered Clara as she watched her step  "what are we looking for?"

"I don't know, hate not knowing" He whispered in reply they continued through the dark for what seems like ages, they remained vigilant as instinct told them it was unwise to get lost here. But they found nothing.

Instead it found them.

Something in the shadows was watching them ice cold it picked its way through the trees unseen by them until,

"Doctor," Clara stood flinched to the spot a piercing agony somewhat crawling up her spine, "something's got me," she said unable to move from fright, the Doctor whirled around an then instantaneously aimed his light at her feet...

Sure enough, two dark shadows blocked the lights path.

"oh no you don't!" the doctor cried reaching to Clara with his sonic "NO NO NO NO" he shouted stumbling around the forest floor as he fiddled around with the buttons and switches on the sonic, pointing its ferocious red glow onto the shadows cast by Clara. 

"Doctor she winced... What's happening to me, I feel strange," her eyes transfixed on his every move. 

"It's got you, Clara, the Vashta Nerada, DON'T MOVE, I'll get you out of this, I swear"But before he could do anything there was a sudden loud scream and Clara was gone. All that now stood before the doctor was the dark and a torch with out an owner abandoned at his feet on the dried mud ground...

He was on his own.

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