The Dark Alliance


3. Chapter 3

 Back in the TARDIS Clara leant on the bars watching the Doctor dig through some boxes under the console unit. He jumped up suddenly "ha ha!" holding two oddly shaped... "torches!, two of the finest ever to be made, never running out and purely eco-friendly! "there" he threw one to Clara, she examined carefully then look up and smiled "brilliant, bright-thinking Doctor!"
Still smiling at the doctor who smiled back at her, compliments received, and then he turned to a serious glance again. "So what are we up against Doctor and I know you know so don't act innocent!" 
"well I can only hunch,"
"Then hunch away!"
"I think I've met this before, it was dark out there Clara… Too dark. You saw how the sky it was only light source and it wasn't even that strong, something has been eating away at this planet and has gone as the sky, think about it, desperation. The gravity being so strong here it would take phenomenal amounts of effort to even reach higher then this planets crust, even more so to reach the atmosphere! So... something so strong is determined. 

"'Determined' to what?" Clara asked curiously.
"Live, grow, feed, destroy...-"
"Hope it's not the last one!" chuckled Clara trying to lighten the mood,
"Who knows?! As I've said before Clara it's a lottery this universe, you never know what'll pop up, and until we know we can only guess.

"Ok. So 'it'... Whatever 'it' is is reaching out" 

"We have to stop it" the Doctor stopped still, staring at the screen.

"I still don't get it" Clara interrupted his trail of thought as she was puzzled with what the Doctor had explained.
"Clara, there's only really one explanation for all of this... It has to be... Vashta-Nerada" 
"Err, what's that? Just the name makes me shiver" She shuddered.
I've met them before, I was in The library, the biggest library in the universe occupying the entire planet, right to the core. They're spaws that swarm in the dark and inhabit the shadows. Mainly they feast on a hit and run. That's what it meant! It was in the distress hologram, remember 'they turn you to bones', they physically feed of a life, this one must be so ferocious, I've never heard it to take trees or to the skies before. But it can't be just that at work here... The Vashta-Nerada have taken to the skies. Almost like they're, running, fleeing? We have to find out before it's to late.

"We'll I'm in" Clara smiled as she lifted her torch at the ready,
"Right then, Clara... Before we do this I have one rule,just one..." The Doctor said transfixing his gaze into her eye's...

" Stay OUT of the shadows!"

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