The Dark Alliance


2. Chapter 2

 "Doctor? What did you do?" Clara asked when he regained his balance.

"Nothing! Hey it's not always my fault that we crash. Now... Where are we?" He replied frantically recalabrating the console and grabbing the screen, which was all fuzzy and almost dead.  Clara joined him and watched the screen closely.

"Wait what's that?!" She exclaimed pointing at the screen, which suddenly started to flash words on the screen in big red letters along with some odd looking symbols. 

"It's a distress signal coming from the planet. It's in Galifrayan" he pointed to the symbol in the corner "and that's a message, which, judging by the colour of it, it's the final message from the planets lost inhabitants..." His voice trailed off as he read the message, his face moulded into an expression of worry and confusion. 

The Doctor twisted a blue oval shaped button, a hologram appearing before them. The hologram had lightly coloured blue skin, with the glint of fear permanently portrayed in his eyes. A mop of black shiny hair covering his face, the sweat pouring down his face. Breathlessly his message came through "can anyone hear me? Hello! Listen. 
The darkness destroyed the stones consciousness but life lives on. One touch and you're gone, one wrong step and you're bones. My eyes are proof, proof that Hell's Angel is real and lives in me, but not for long as my bones start to become me. It's fast, so fast." There was a tantalising pause as the hologram stopped instantly in it's tracks, the holograms eyes stuck forward. "RUN!"

"Doctor...?" Clara turned to face the older man, the hologram letting out a piercing scream as it faded into the mist. "What does... that, mean?" The Doctor took a second to come back to focus.

He turned to face his companion, slowly whispering "I don't know..." Repeating it a second later in a more confident tone "I don't know, but! Something about that sounds familiar." He ran over the message again in his mind, repeating certain areas of the message. "I don't know Clara..." There was a pause before his tone turned to one with slight excitement "it does sound dangerous though..." He turned to his companion staring back at her "not really your area of worry, is it?"

"Not at all" Clara chirped in agreement "so what's first?" She called as she skipped towards the door. She stopped hearing The Doctor shout a message to her.

"No wait! CLARA! Slowly and... let me go first." The Doctor shouted running to catch up to her wedging himself in between Clara and the door. Clara obliged and allowed the Doctor to exit the TARDIS first.
The Doctor looked around with the similar look of horror across his face. The sky was red with fire, it illuminated a dim, dark, lifeless glow across the surrounding landscape.
"It's a forest" Doctor exclaimed.

"I can see that" Clara gasped looking around at the tree's that towered high above the TARDIS, impressively majestic in the erie circumstances.

"This planet has been under threat by something" the Doctor whispered as he examined a nearby tree with his new sonic screwdriver. It's red light reflected off the trees black rough surface as it scanned.

"What are you getting? Anything?" Clara asked as she watched the Doctor hold the sonic to the skies for better look.

"They're dead. All of them, the trees are all dead." He looked around as he franticly pointed at the sonic at the at other trees, "Same readings, every time, it's like they've been drained dry of any and all life that was in them. No, more then that melted from the inside, like they've been hollowed out, almost like shells."

"What could have done that?!" Gasped Clara as she out to the entire forest panorama with sympathy.
"Oh there's something hard at work here and it's not just that, I hunch that there's more at work here."
"Ok then Doctor, I'm all ears!" She turned to the Doctor with an eager expression " what is this?"
"Well first things first we need torches" The Doctor ordered with a conclusive expression. He turned on the spot and started to walk back towards the TARDIS "then we at least have a chance to help stop whatever decided to get on the wrong side of me." He pushed open the door and re-entered the TARDIS, Clara followed closely behind him and slammed the door shut.

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