The Dark Alliance


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"CLARA!!"Step away from the controls, you know what happened last time" chuckled the Doctor as he dodged around the TARDIS control room pressing buttons and adjusting levers on the console.

"Hey there's no need for that!" Clara replied in confusion. "What do you mean? 'What happened last time'?" 

The Doctor smiled and glanced at his companions confused face "Exactly, you can't even remember that's what happened!" 
"Oh!" She said realising the Doctors point, "Ok then I'll be more careful" 

"YES!!" He said in agreement "and don't make her upset, it might just be the air vents clogging up again but she's sensitive!"

"SHE, it's just the TARDIS... You're telling me it has feeling's concerning ME!"

"Well Clara you did kind of attach the swimming pool into a constant quantum status loop... It made her all huffy!" He said pressing buttons on the main screen only to turn and be greeted with a stare into the still confused face Clara.

"I did what now?!" 

"Oh come on, I can't explain it all...  em, stuff happened and two hours of our memory went kaboom-"

"So how come you remember if yours went 'kaboom!' Too?"

"Well one of us had to remember and frankly it wasn't going to be you was it? I hate not knowing!... so anyway, even if I did tell you, you wouldn't believe-"


"Doctor! Whats happening?" Clara shouted as she clung to the nearest rail she could find and hung on for dear life. "Doctor!?" She looked up and saw that the Doctor was now franticly pressing buttons on the console. 

"I don't know, the TARDIS, she seems to be falling! I've lost control!" Panic rose on his face, powerless;  the Doctor watched in horror as the screen displayed the falling patterns. " Oh dear, it seems we are about to crash land, on a planet with that has a stronger gravitational pull then most planets... em, Clara.. HOLD ON!!" The Doctor dived for cover as he said this last word and Clara followed, screaming from the effects of the G-forces that overtook her stomach and head.

Then... CRASH!!! They hit the ground.

" Clara?... Speak to me Clara?! Are you alright?" The Doctor stood slowly clutching his head with dizziness.

"Yeah I'm fine" she said crawling towards him slowly. "Ok, where are we?"

"Clara easy, easy, take it slowly, a stronger gravitational pull towards a planet can make your head spin, not to mention-"

He stopped and looked around at the TARDIS control room walls,
"- send out a BIG shock wave!" The walls were completely bent in on the themselfs, the metal splintered at odd angles and smoke spirited from various pipes misting the room with red fog illuminated via the flashing warning lights which were now going crazy. The Doctor looked back at the console, he lovingly stroked the desktop and whispered. "Yes dear, one warning too late."

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