10 things i hate about you (M.C)

Meghan Hunter most popular girl and what every boy wants. Her sister, Jessica is a whole other story no one would want to tame the wild beast.
Michael the high schools bad boy who is dared to go out with her by his friends. He never thought that he would turn put and like her.


4. Chapter 3

Jessica huffed, walking out of homeroom to music, and the music cupboard grabbing her guitar case. As she was an a grade student she walked to the auditorium. Walking to the light controllers and put a spotlight in the centre.

She placed a stool in the light, placing her guitar on her thigh. "I'm sort the of person who falls in and quickly out of love" she sang. "But to you I gave my affection right from the start" she sang with all her soul.

She didn't notice that Michael walk in, shut the door quietly behind him. Sitting at the furthest seat. Michael smiled at her, making his hands like he was playing a guitar too. Closing her eyes.

Then suddenly she stopped, putting her guitar on the floor "Hey!" She yelled, covering her eyes from the blinding light of the spotlight looking at the stranger in the auditorium.

"You have a lovely singing voice!" He yelled back, he thanked God that she couldn't see him and he thanked Ashton for stopping him dyeing his hair a neon orange colour.

"Erm thank you" Jessica said, a small smiled on her face, she placed her guitar back in it's case.

Michael thought it was his queue to leave and he did. Jessica walked off the stage to where Michael was. She looked around, frowning, hoping that she wasn't talking to herself.

Jessica walked out, to be faced with her sister, Meghan "Chrissy said that Danny is having a party can we go?" She asked, smiled questioning her big sister.

"Why are you asking me, shouldn't you asked dad" Jessica scoffed, walking away.

"Daddy said that I can go only if you do" Meghan jogged up to her big sister, "So can you please come?" She made a puppy face at her.

"No I don't want to go and see people's tongues-" she was cut off by Meghan "Down people's throats... We know you say that every time"

"Can we go?" Meghan said looking at her.

"Ask me later" Jessica walked of, "Hey Rainbow!" she called out to Michael.

Michael turned around, "Yeah?" He asked.

"Have you seen a guy walk out the auditorium?" Jessica asked looking around for him.

Michael mentally sighed, "no I haven't" he said shaking his head "Why?" He asked.

"He said that I had a lovely singing voice, anyway thanks" Jessica said, obviously disappointed and walked off.

'I know she didn't know it was me... But if I told her I was she would slap me' Michael thought.

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