10 things i hate about you (M.C)

Meghan Hunter most popular girl and what every boy wants. Her sister, Jessica is a whole other story no one would want to tame the wild beast.
Michael the high schools bad boy who is dared to go out with her by his friends. He never thought that he would turn put and like her.


3. Chapter 2

Jessica stuffed her books into her locker, pass the art books, English essays and music sheets. She shut the door placing the lock back on. She plugged her earphones into her ear. Playing songs and bands no one had probably never heard of.

She closed her eyes in peace. She pretended she was at a concert playing her lucky white guitar like her heart depended on it.

Then suddenly, she was brought out of her thoughts as she was falling backwards onto the floor.

She teared her earphones out, glaring at the person who knocked into her.

"Hey watch where you're going" Jessica snapped, standing up dusting herself off. She picked up her bag.

"Pfft me watch where I'm going maybe you should oh I don't know open your eyes when you're walking" the persons voice said, sounding deep and annoyed.

Jessica glared at the boy she didn't say anything after that before walking away down the hall.

The boy walked over to his group of friends, Luke, Callum and Ashton. They have all been friends since they were little.

"Was that the wild beast, Mikey?" Ashton asked snorting at him.

Michael lifted an eyebrow at him, "The what what?" He asked confused.

Callum rolled his eyes, "Jessica Hunter the older sister of Meghan Hunter, idiot" he snorted.

Ashton kicked his leg, "I have to admit it I have never seen the wild beast give up that easily" he laughed.

Luke sat there, not really caring what thy had to say then when he heard his name being called, "Huh what?" He asked.

Michael, Callum and Ashton both had blank faces before Michael said, "C'mon homeroom is waiting" he said picking up his bag walking to homeroom.

Jessica sat at the back of her homeroom, her head looking at the window.

She was about to close her eyes in peace before the group of boys walked in.

She groaned slightly in annoyance, "Could this day get any worse" she mumbled.

Michael sat down right next to her, "Hello wild beast" he smirked, waiting for her reaction.

"Shut it rainbow" Jessica mumbled.

"Why'd you call me Rainbow for?" He asked her.

"Erm well your hair is always a different colour" Jessica stated truthfully.

Michael huffed, "whatever" he mumbled sitting back in his place further forward.

Jessica once again sighed peacefully before Ashton walked over to her.

"If you and your friends come any closer I will cut your bandannas up and watch them fall to the floor" Jessica said in a spiteful tone.

Ashton didn't take a step forward, he turned on his heels and walked back to the boys.

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