10 things i hate about you (M.C)

Meghan Hunter most popular girl and what every boy wants. Her sister, Jessica is a whole other story no one would want to tame the wild beast.
Michael the high schools bad boy who is dared to go out with her by his friends. He never thought that he would turn put and like her.


2. Chapter 1

Bright, sunny morning 7:00. Two girls one blonde, one brunette fight to go into the bathroom.

"Jessica move I need to get in" One of the girls said, the girl Jessica gave up and let her you her sister have the bathroom to herself.

"Why are you so obsessed with how you look" Jessica said, leaning on the doorway.

Meghan turned around having her hair brush in her hand ready to brush her brown locks.

Jessica and Meghan were the polar opposites, they were like cat and dog. Jessica being the dog.

Jessica was the most hated in the school unlike her sister Meghan who was the most loved. Jessica was once popular but she got sick of it.

Meghan loved to have all the attention by her father and her mother, self-centred people would say but Jessica would sometimes take care of her sister but Meghan would be an ungrateful bitch.

Jessica rolled her blue eyes before walking back to her room. She opened the door shutting it behind her, smiling she walked over to her white guitar. Clasping it in her hand she strummed the string liking how it hummed when she removed her fingers from it.

For once from her sisters constant talking on about herself and only herself.

"JESSICA MEGHAN TIME FOR SCHOOL" their mother called out, Jessica was pulled out of her peace. She hugged putting her guitar back.

"Jessica mom called you" her snot nosed sister Meghan poked her head around the door. If Jessica got there quicker she would of shut the door on her sisters head.

She shook her head from the nasty thoughts but she does sometimes agrees with them.

She walked down the stairs to the kitchen, her blonde headed mother making breakfast for her golden girl. Which was Jessica herself, "Hey mom" she said.

"Hey pumpkin" her mom smiled at her, before putting her pancakes on a plate for her and some maple syrup.

"Thanks mom" Jessica smiled, still down on the stool in the kitchen. Meghan came down the stairs.

She smirked at her, "By eating to many pancakes you'll grow fat" Jessica clenched her teeth and closed her eyes restraining herself from punching her little sister in the gut.

Her mom looked at her trying to tell her to calm down, "Good morning honey want some pancakes?" She asked.

"No thank you mom, I wanna to stay thin" Meghan said.

Jessica snorted, "And you were the one covering up your spots with make up".

Meghan trailed her eyes over Jessica, "Could you at least try to dress like a normal person" she glared.

"And not wear your band t-shirts that no one has ever heard about" Meghan added.

Jessica didn't say anything as she was too busy to listen to her sister, eating was her objective at the moment.

"Hey I'm talking to you" Meghan snapped. Jessica tried not to smirk at her ignoring her sister.

"Alright mom thanks for the pancakes" she kissed her moms cheek before walking out with Meghan trailing behind.

"Do you have to drive me to school" Meghan whined.

"Well I don't have to but I'm told to" Jessica said aloud then unlocked the car getting inside. She shut the door squeaking as it was completely shut.

It was a worn out red, black leather seats and no seat belts.

"I'm not getting in that until it is made a different colour" Meghan said holding her books to her chest.

"Okay walk to school" Jessica said, pulling out the drive.

"Hey wait" Meghan yelled, running over to the run worn out car.

"Get in then" Jessica said, she smirked at her sister who tried to open the door. The right side door was the hardest to open.

Meghan huffed, climbing in through the window, "Did I tell you I hate you" Meghan huffed.

"Many times" Jessica said blankly.

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