Allegiant Alternative Ending

This is an alternative ending to Allegiant. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!! I personally hated the ending to Allegiant and it was so sad.


1. Alone

(This all takes place two weeks after the epilogue in Allegiant.)


I wake up kicking and screaming, screaming and kicking. It has been almost a month since Tris died. All of my friends have been avoiding me since I lashed out at them a few weeks ago. No body needs me here.

I have nothing to live for.


I like my life here. I have been re united with my parents, Uriah, Will, Al and Tori. There is only one thing missing from this life.


I miss him. I miss his embrace. I miss the warmth of his touch. I miss the way he looks at me. I miss his big, innocent blue eyes. When will he join me?

In a sick way, I hope it's soon. Not just for my sake, for my happiness, for his too. His life is really miserable down there. I know he will be happy with me here, we can get married start a life together. 


I don't need this life. It doesn't need me.

If it did, why has it done all of this to me? Why has it had my father abuse me? Made Eric bully me? Made me Divergent when it was a bad thing? Then, as soon as it was good, have it wiped away from me? And worst of all, worse than all of the pain of every slap, kick and punch from my father, why has it taken her away from me?

She was more important to me than life itself. I will try anything to be with her.

I won't take it anymore. I won't take this life anymore! I stride into my plain kitchen, take out the sharpest knife I own and plunge it hard, straight into my thigh.

As much as I want to give in to the dark now, I know that I might wake up. So I stick it straight in to my heart.

Then the blackness engulfs me. 


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