~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


11. 9. chapter = BattleRoar

i was into the battle. in the centre of the fight. wounding hundreds, or so it felt like, i was laughing alot, i loved to fight, but i wasn't eager to fight all the time like most.


Cameron's P.O.V...


i was running, fighting my way to her. i have seen her before. i knew that. and the laugh confirmed it, could she be that brat?.

"Hey Willow...!" i screamed trying to get to her over the screams of the dying. "havent i seen you before...?"

she looked at me confused. "i Dont know!" she yelled as response and came jumping over a pile of vamps. "i am not sure!"

"are you still a brat Woman...?" she stopped up a second. "That was You?!" she yelled and killed another. "How Fucking Many Are There?!" 

"ah so now you remember!" i punched another out of my way, ending up standing in front of her. her scars on her arms showed her strength, her purple eyes showed royalty and knowledge, while her black curly hair ended right beneath her breast. she was beautiful. 

"where are your parents by the way?!" 

she sighed. "murdered, the night i met you..." she didnt yell this time but i heard it clearly. "is that why you are alpha this young?!"

she nodded and punched one of the last vampires to the ground.

"im sorry to hear..." i said and killed the last, afterwards hugging her. i could feel on her pulse that she didn't see that coming.

she turned back to normal straightening her ears and taking away her claws. "its ok, im fine..." i pulled away. i looked down at her. she had a wound right under her eye, its was bleeding so i gently took around her chin and licked away the blood. she looked surprised and blushed, how lovely. 

"whuuuut..." she whispered and i laughed at her different expressions. dad came over and told me it was time for us to go home, and she thanked us for the sudden help.

"hey Willow" she looked up at me and made a humming noice. "can i stay here for a couple of days meaby...?" i said in the sweetest tone i could. my father didnt see any problem, if i just could get her approval.

"s-sure..." she stuttered, how cute. "y-you can stay in the main mansion" she took a part of her black bangs behind her ears, "i-if you want to.."


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