~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


10. 8. Chapter = Too much

Until another pack came at the egde of our large Territory. our's was the biggest, and i was leader now, now that i think of it. Dayum!


"I thought it would be better to thank our neighbor personally..." the Alpha said smiling, with his beta beside him, and what looks to be his son. "you are very lucky to become Aplha at your age" the son said reaching to shake my hand.

"Lucky i wouldent say so, but young i am" i said, non of the neighbors know about the event with killing. i just had a feeling i have seen the son before, i dont know. "well we only came to congratulate you, were are not here to fight over land, i'd rather keep the peace as long as possible" the alpha said and shook my hand. "yes, thank you"

then my beta came running. "Willow!" he yelled. "we are being attacked by vampires!" 

"if you will excuse us..." i said and the rival pack looked surprised at my calm reaction. "gather the non drunk and strong troops i will be there in a second. send the drunk ones to help the strong get ready" i commanded. "which side?"


"then set the strong at the right and set the drunk at the right, take two messengers with them. set the half the ready and one and other at thus. prepare the city for Attack"

he ran off and i turned around to a surprised Alpha, and a smirking son with lust in his eyes. "Pardon me?" i tilted m head playing dumb.

"h-how can you act so calm?" the alpha said waving his arms weird. "keep cold in these situations." i said and fold out my claws. "im am going to battle Bye!" i waved.

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