~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


9. 7. Chapter= Years later...

its now 4 years since my family was attacked and murdered by vampires, since then i have had a extreme hatred for those cold jerks. i am now 18 and soon turning 19, becoming the first female pack leader in 130 years. preeeeetty important. but i, i almost didn't want the the title.

"its too much responsibility Gurl!" i screamed and pomfed out on my bed. "i dont know if i want the title..." my best friend ever Lillia was convincing me to see the good things. "come on woman, get out of that bed right now! Soldier i am Talking to YOU!" she screamed and played general. 

"Yes Ma'am!" i said and saluted. "i am ready to claim my title Ma'am!" she started snorting. "oh come on now! you just ruined it..." i said and crossed my arms like a kid. i then laughed with her.

i stepped out of my room with my scars shown in line on my arms. having my symbol in each hand. i was now leader and i should now claim it, showing i am worthy.

i stepped out and my pack bowed in respect, our hunters were still out and some messengers from other packs came congratulating me from their leaders. i was now Hella Proud!

i held my happiness to myself but on the inside i was exploding with adrenaline. and the party started as soon as i gave order.

"people, dont act like brats now that we a hosting. but hey! don't act too serious either!" and thus the ceremony began.

-skipping the ceremony, im not lazy, shut up-

"this party is too wild..." i said rubbing my temples. "i flipping hate this..." i laughed. "Even Our Elders Are Drinking!!" 

i Let out a Roar and my Elders stood by my side in a second. "You Better Keep More Down!" i yelled furious. they nodded and sat down. i felt almighty until.

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