~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


8. 6. Chapter = Sadness = End of prologue

i was still hanging by the neck. this wolf from the territorial pack i getting on my nerves. and i think he is amusing!

"Wrong answer..." he said and grinned. "where are you from?!" he almost yelled at me.

"the hut half a kilometer away..." i said and kicked him in the guts. he went down with a 'Ooff!' and growled even louder. "You Little BRAT!" he yelled even more furious.  i bursted into laughter and ran away. with tears strolling down my face of laughing. "oh that was fun but i really gotta go home my dad is going to kill me!" i yelled behind me.

"but you can say sorry to your alpha for entering without permission!" i had a huge smirk when i arrived in front of our house. 

but i took me some time to realize there were no one in the house, i only heard.


i opened the door to see my sister wounded lying on the floor. "D-Dina?!" i cried out, running over. "w-what happend Dina...?" i strolled her cheek drying off the tears. "i dont know, but it was vampires. they killed mom and dad, and dragged them away, i-i tried to stop them Will, i wasnt strong enough" she cried even more. "d-dina n-no d-dont stop talking to me, i-im right here" i tried to smile but it faded away.

as she drifted away from me. it became dark. every piece of darkness surrounded me. and i went outside with her dead body. my arms were burning of carrying her, and i took all the way to our pack's city. they all stood waiting for me when i came. i dont know why, and i didnt want to know either.

all i could think about was.

"what have i done to you...." i cried. "D-dina im so sorry, i should stop being such a 'Brat' "

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