~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


4. 3. Chapter= Da mom

"hey girls wha..." mom came in stopping in the door opening. "What in the!" mom rushed over to us and pulled us away from each other "you girls need better manners!" mom said as we kept on growling. we had a couple of cuts from our fight. "Ahem!" mom said and we Froze. "yes ma'am!" we said and saluted as we stood trembling of fear under our mother's scary voice

"What were you two fighting abou if i may ask?" Mom said calmly but with an angry tone.

"She was on her way outside!" Dina yelled in defence. "Oh thanks alot you shit!" I tried to hit her but failed. "You two go up in your rooms and figure this out!" Mom said smacking us down on the floor. "Yes ma'am..."


"That was depressing..."

We were in our share room, sitting beside each other looking out the window. The fog was thick and only glowing eyes were to be seen in the darkness, vampire's eyes. Mother was one of them, but not as mad. Dina was a halfling, i was a wolf, she wasnt pure. therefore she was never safe in either species.

"Indeed dear sister" Dina said looking down. "You just cannot go out there, they will tear you apart, bit from bit"


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