~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


3. 2. Chapter= Da Hut

When Dina, mom and I came to the hut, Dad Had already packed out from the car. Our hut was 'o' so majestic' it matched our family pretty good. It was weird.

"You need to train more" dad said finishing the packing

"I do not! I had to wait for Dina!" Dina gave me a punch to the shoulder while i just laughed. "just kidding, i had to wait for mom" and then got another punch by mom. "aooooww..." i said sarcastic and followed Dina. "hurry up girls its getting fogy" dad said and locked the door after us.

the hours went by pretty fast and we where mostly just planning. the time we spent out here was building our hut bigger or hunting. my Dad is an Alpha wolf in our large pack, and we choose some family time was in its place for once, or else the others where here too. dad left our pack in hands of our beta, he was strong and could take care of the pack the days we are gone.

"i wanna make some food" mom broke the silence. "yeah i'm hungry too, i can go start up" dad added and left to the kitchen. we sighed, "what to do..." it came out quiet from Dina. "donnu" i shrugged. "wanna take a look outside?"

"Hell no Will, you know its fogy" she said and stood up, looking for things to do. "its too risky" 

i groaned irritated and bored, "well i am gonna get some air" i stood up walking to the door. "Fuck no you're not!" Dina growled blocking the door. "you wanna fight! Lets Have One!!" i said launching for her.

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