~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


15. 13. Chapter = Betrayal.

"you stay here..." he growled seductively. i was pale. just pale. i noticed my phone in my hand, and found out what i had done before he caught me. "oh the power of friendship, Lillia" i whispered as a smirk formed on my face. she hated when people were too close to me. and now he was gonna pay the price. 

i heard the door slam up and a growl belonging to Lillia.

i crawled to the start of the stairs and saw Him with Lilla over him, he was frozen in fear. "dont underestimate her power Boy" i laughed evily. "Will!!" Lilla yelled and shifted afterwards hugging the shit out of me. "Dont lay another finger on her" she growled and helped me up with a evil smile. almost insane. "i dont think you've meet my friend, Lillia" i laughed as he stood up. "are you hurt Will, you're ok right?" she stroke my cheek. i nodded and she turned to him again. "i want to say sorry for, whatever i have done to you, making you this, scared" she laughed at him. 


"im not scared, im just in shock from the attack from a white wolf" he sat in jaw back in place. "it hurts, to know someone is holding away my mate from me" 

we both gasped. "Will, is he your?" she gasped. "i dont know" i whispered in response. "i havent heard anything, or felt" 

she laughed. "that's because you haven't fully shifted yet" she whispered. "so when does she shift?" he was behind us now. Lillia gasped. "is this how he got you, then i understand why even you got down" she huffed. he laughed at her compliment.

"in two days" i said and he growled in happiness. 

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