~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


14. 12. Chapter = wth?

he smirked and dragged me up. "ok Milady whatever you say..." i brushed off my clothes, pretending i got dirty.

i showed him the room and went back into the living room, turning on the tv. i sat with my legs upon the back of the couch and with my head hanging down at the bottom. it was the way i sat in my couch don't judge me...

"hey what are you watching...?" he said walking down the stairs, i sat normal in the couch and he let out a quick laugh.

"animal planet..." i stuck my tongue out. "anything special...?" 

i shook. "naah not really..."

"there is nothing special going on right now are there...?" he jumped onto the couch too. i shook again. "its a silent night, pretty rare..." i stretched out "you should actually enjoy it as long as it last's" 

he laughed. "have you seen how the humans treat us, in the normal worlds..." he then stayed silent waiting for my response. "we are monsters in their eyes..." he shook his head. "we are not monsters..." i said depressed. it was quite sad.

he looked at me with pleading eyes. "what...?" i asked. "it is really hard for me to stay back you know...?" he cracked his knuckles. "do you know how difficult it is to hold back. when your mate is so close" he laughed. he was starting to scare me. i slowly walked behind the couch always keeping my eye's on him. "something wrong babe...?" he asked with a smirk. 

"no! no not at all i just forgot something in my room! i'll go get it now" i ran up the stairs.  "wait Hold On! Babe?!" i made a turn to see he was gone from the couch. "Hold On!" i screamed. then a pair of strong arms snaked around my waist. "shh... you'll just get people worried..." he whispered in my ear. one of his hands started crawling up under my shirt. i gasped which looked as it pleased him. gently rubbing against the skin under my bra, slowly making my legs tremble. "s-stop..." i gasped. "s-stop pleas..." he started placing kisses on my neck, making me let out a small moan. he let out an appreciating growl. he took around my wrist putting me against a wall. he was trying to take control. his eye glowed even more. "i've tried my best Milady, i cant hold it anymore" his lips crashed onto mine.

still having a hold on my wrist with one hand, he took around my waist again, pulling me closer. he searched down at my neck. close to where the mates mark was supposed to be. "mercy" i moaned. he had gotten control. "pleas" i tried to push away but his firm grip held me close. 

he almost lifted me off the ground just when the doorbell rang.

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