~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


13. 11. chapter = Home

Willow's P.O.V

i sat my hand behind my head stretching my tired body. then i felt a hand grabbing around my waist. "i am only keeping my lips hut if you do it for me, Milady" he smirked and spun me around.

"are we going home now...?" he said and pulled me close to him. "y-yes..." i stuttered and tried to pull away. but he held me close till we reached the house.

"w-we are here..." i said as he let go of me. he was staying in the same house as me apparently, i had said something without knowing

"i have alot of space in my main house" i walked into the house. he followed. "i would like to stay with you..." he said cold.

"What?!" i screamed afterwards holding for my mouth. he laughed, he was clearly enjoying this. "i would like to share a room with you Milady" he grabbed around my wrist and spun me around. making me look into the same peircing yellow eyes, his brown hair fell down right over his eyebrows nicely, and having two scars lined up on both his cheeks, he was very charming having his cheekbones light up his eyes.

"is that an issue... milady?" he smirked. "i-i am sorry but i c-cant..." he drew me closer. "why not...?"

"Ahh! would you look at the time!" i said falling away from him, he reached out a hand but i climbed up myself straightening my ears. "i am going to show you your room for your stay!" i ran up to a room, to see him standing there allready. "Ehh?!" i raised my hand in front of me almost bumping into him. he took around my wrist's again. stopping my fall.

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