~•Of all Earthly creatures Humans alone have the power to choose•~

Too bad I'm not one of them! LOL


12. 10. Chapter =Staying?!..

Willow's P.o.v

what was up with me..?! i am letting the upcoming alpha of our neighbour territory, the one who would have killed me if it stood to his might, i am letting him stay here...?! i have heard rumors about that playboy... he licked me on my cheek, and in my head the word mate kept echoing in my head since he licked me. i am having a bad feeling about his staying here.

and another rule the elders told me, is that since i am a female pack leader, if someone challenges me to a fight on my heart, i cant allow myself to loose. or else i am his. Not Gonna' Happen!

he smiled and looked down at me. "i would love to stay with you..." he winked. "well if its ok with you then he is your problem for the next two weeks!" the Alpha said and walked off with his soldiers. he started smirking. "will you show me around then...?" 

i nodded without hesitating. and told him to come with me, i showed him around in our pretty modern city. it was our main city, and i was very proud showing him around. we came to a park and he lighted up seeing our beautiful nature and how clean it was. he told me about how dirty and filthy it was were he was from, and the forest he attacked me in was his playground, one of the cleanest places they had.

he sat down on a bench and told me to come sit with him. i sat down and he took around my hand, making me blush for a second again. he laughed and started telling about how frustrated he got when i kicked him in the jewels.

"it really hurt stop laughing!" i had started laughing over him. "b-but y-you Hahahah!" i couldn't take it.


Cameron's P.O.V...


i have gotten enough of her humiliating me, and no one was around. the words mate repeated when she laughed at me.

"you are suchs a brat..." i whispered, she looked at me and whipped away her tears. "what do you mean brat?" she said and clenched her teeth. she started laughing a bit again, trying to hold it in, she was adorable.

the dark was slowly peeking through, and she had stopped laughing and started telling how she saw her sister die, i felt bad for her.

"you are the first person i have told this to, so you keep your lips shut about it" she said standing up setting her hand behind her head, it didn't feel right when her hand left mine. "i am only keeping my lips shut if you do it for me Milady..."

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