Alice is from Barcelona, and got offered a scholarship to go to a college in San Fransico. She isn't sure how she feels about college, so she goes to a party to try and distract herself, but she has no idea what this one night could possibly lead to.


2. Chapter Two

Alice's POV

When I come out of the bathroom I walk straight to my closet. What to wear for my first day of college? I dress pretty comfortably, a pair of leggings and a sweater that's a little bit too big for me, and a pair of knock off brand UGG boots. I don't like that style of boots very much but hey, they're comfy so why not! After I'm dressed I pack up what I need and carry my two suitcases out to the car, where my dad is waiting impatiently. I'm beginning to believe he is more excited than I am!

After hours of travel we finally get there. I step out of the car and look around. So many new faces and strange people, I don't know if I can get used to this. My dad walks with me to my dorm room and sits with me while I unpack for about half an hour. My roommate isn't here at the moment but hopefully she's nice! After saying goodbyes and lots of hugs, my dad leaves. I flop myself of the bed and sigh while staring at the ceiling. "Wow, I'm actually here" I say aloud.

I hear the door click and I jump up and pretend to be folding clothes. "Hey" I hear a friendly voice say. I turn and find a person who I didn't think matched that voice. She was beautiful but had a couple facial piercings and tattoos up and down her arms. She had large eyes and long black hair, which made her eyes seem even bigger, if that was possible.

"You must be Alice, I'm Hilary" she says.

"Yeah, I'm Alice, very nice to meet you Hilary" I say with a smile.

"So do you know anybody on campus?" She asks out of curiosity I assume but I'm too distracted by the images on her body to pay attention to what she's saying.

"Alice?" She snaps me out of a daydream state.

"Sorry, can you repeat that?" I blush.

"I was just wondering if you knew anybody on campus?" She says politely.

"No, so far your the only person I've met." I laugh to attempt to hide my embarrassment.

"I'm very happy to meet you Alice but I'm afraid I have to run, my friend Zayn won't stop texting me about this new restraunt down the street from here, apparently their ribs are delicious" she quickly scrambles for her things then is out the door in less than a minute.

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