Alice is from Barcelona, and got offered a scholarship to go to a college in San Fransico. She isn't sure how she feels about college, so she goes to a party to try and distract herself, but she has no idea what this one night could possibly lead to.


11. Chapter Ten

Alice's POV

I walk down the hall and out to the parking lot. I see him leaning against his Jeep, and I watch his eyes scan my body as I'm walking toward him. He's wearing a dark grey sweater with black jeans and boots, just like he said he would be. I smile at him and he smiles back. He walks around his car and opens the door for me, and I thank him with a kiss on the cheek. He climbs into the drivers seat and puts his hand on my thigh, and I'm a little shocked. I guess he notices my expression because he quickly took his hand off and mutters "Sorry". I don't say anything, but I grab his hand and place it back and smile at him. I feel safe and comfortable with him, like I don't have to hide my feelings,and I don't want to. He smiles back and continues driving, his hand still on my thigh. We arrive at the restraunt, it's not too fancy, more like a classy fast food place. I order a salad and Zayn orders a burger with fries. "So, you sure brought your t-shirt and jeans game." He laughs and I can see him blushing. "And so did you!" I laugh.

We eat quickly then head straight to the theatre. "What do you want to see?" He asks me. "I don't know." I answer honestly. It's between TMNT or the Expendables 3. "Maybe Expendables? It seems a bit more interesting than 'teenage mutant ninja turtles' " I air quote and laugh. "Sounds good." He answers with a smile. "Two tickets to The Expendables 3 please. Alice would you like anything to drink or eat?" "No thanks, I'm still full from dinner." I chuckle.

Zayn's POV

I pay for the tickets then grab Alice's hand as we walk into the theatre. I squeeze her hand, not knowing why but it felt right. She looks at me and I see an emotion flicker in her eyes.. lust? We sit at the back of the theatre after I explain to her that they are the best seats because they are the highest. "Okay, whatever you say!" She laughs. I love her laugh. We sit for about 2 minutes then the lights dim and the commercials begin to play. She looks at me and looks like she's going to kiss me, but she looks worried. "Are you okay?" I ask her. "Yeah, I was just thinking about how much I love your smile." She admits and looks at the floor. I lift her head so she's looking at me and I kiss her, but this time it's different. It's not sexual, it's just a kiss to let her know that I care about her, and will do anything for her. The movie starts and she grabs my hand. "So what's this about?" She asks me. "Well, it's about this like group that fights evil, and they are getting old." I laugh. She does the same them rests her head on my shoulder. I feel my heart melt and I rest my head on hers.

Before I know it the credits are rolling and she is grabbing her purse. "Well that was pretty good." She says sounding happy. "Yeah, it was." I agree. We walk out of the theatre and I grab her by the waist and pull her over my shoulder while laughing. "Hey! This isn't fair! I can't fight back!" She says and laughs at the same time. "Did you hear something?" I ask a random guy sitting outside of the theatre. He looks weirded out but I don't care. She's still laughing. Once we exit, I put her down and put my arm around her, and she seems to like it because she buries her face in my chest, and I can't help but feel wanted, needed even. "Wow, it's still light out." She remarks. "It's not that late, would you, um, like to go for a walk or something?" "Sure, I have nothing to do tomorrow and it's Sunday so no classes, I would hope anyway." She smiles. We get into my car and I drive to the nearest beach. It's early September so it's not too cold yet, and we are both wearing jackets so we should be okay. "There is a boardwalk we can walk on just up the road a bit." I say. "Okay."

Alice's POV

This place looks really romantic, I think to myself. Zayn has been amazing tonight. He's said all the right things and made all the right moves. Once we reach the boardwalk I grab his hand and he holds mine tight. It feels so good to have someone else want to hold your hand as much as you do,both squeezing tight but not tight enough to hurt, wanting to be connected more but don't know how. We walk in silence, but it's peaceful. We reach the end and sit down on a bench. It's must be 9:30 by now. It's pretty dark out and it's getting chilly. I get up and sit on his lap instead, and he looks surprised but happy. I look into his eyes and can't help but find the view much more beautiful than the beach that lays behind him. I rub my thumb along his bottom lip and the colour drains from his face. I stop and hide my face hoping to cover up that fact that I'm blushing. He lift my head to look at him, shakes his head then grabs my hand and leads it back to his lips. After stroking his lip once more, I lean in and kiss him. I lightly bite his bottom lip and he moans, shockingly loud. I can feel a smile spread across his lips as we are kissing, and I giggle a little bit. He breaks the kiss and grabs my lower back in attempt to bring me closer to him, if it's possible. He looks into my eyes and says "I know it's early, but I really like you, and, um, I love you." He barley manages to finish his sentence. "Damnit Zayn!" I say and I see fear in his eyes. "I wanted to be the one to say it first!" I laugh and I see the relief in his eyes. "I love you too, very much." I say.

Zayn's POV

I'm so happy she feels the same way, I was terrified when she cursed at me. I don't know if I would be able to accept the fact that she doesn't love me, but thank god she does. I kiss her one last time and we stand up and walk back to my car. Once we are almost there she stops and looks me in my eyes, and says, "Zayn, I'm ready."

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