Alice is from Barcelona, and got offered a scholarship to go to a college in San Fransico. She isn't sure how she feels about college, so she goes to a party to try and distract herself, but she has no idea what this one night could possibly lead to.


7. Chapter Six

Zayn pulls me into a small corner where people aren't crowding and and pulls me so close to him that I feel I'm going to collapse any minute. Our bodies are against each other almost completely and he pulls me close to his face and asks me "Do you want to go outside? It's a bit too crowded in here and I want to get to know you." He smiles. I nod my head and his smile grows. Yet again he grabs me by my waist, but this time holds me right in front of him, and our bodies are pressed against each other due to the small amount of space in the house. It feels like it's been eternity but we finally reach the door, and to my surprise the front lawn is also full of people but a bit less crowded than in the house. "How many people come to these parties?" I ask. "Well I'm not sure exactly, but Louis knows a lot of people and those people tell their friends and it just sorta happens, people bring their own drinks, and sometimes things get out of control, that's why I don't like staying here too late." He replies. "Oh." Is all I manage to say. "I have to admit I wasn't expecting there to be this many people" I say and he giggles. God that giggle could cure cancer.

We go to the side of the house and sit on a bench. "So, what are you majoring in?" I defiantly wasn't expecting that question. "I'm not really sure yet, what are you majoring in?" "I don't know either." I look up at him and he looks back at me, and for a moment it felt like we weren't even at this party, like there wasn't any noise coming from drunk college students, and there was no loud music. It felt like it was just us. We continue staring into each other's eyes for what seems like forever, and he finally breaks eye contact with a rough, passionate kiss. His lips are soft, and tender, and he has a sweet taste of strawberry on his breath. He asks permission by pressing his tongue against my bottom lip and I slightly part my lips and he takes action quickly, he presses his tongue against mine and it feels amazing. I've never kissed anyone like this, and I've never felt this way either. This is all so new for me, it's overwhelming yet appealing. I grab his bicep and he grabs my lower back, pulling me onto his lap. I'm not sure what is going to happen next but I think I will like it.

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