Alice is from Barcelona, and got offered a scholarship to go to a college in San Fransico. She isn't sure how she feels about college, so she goes to a party to try and distract herself, but she has no idea what this one night could possibly lead to.


8. Chapter Seven

Alice's POV

Once I'm onto his lap he grabs my waist and starts rocking his hips, and without thinking I do the same. Between kisses he asks me "Have... you ever, you know..... done this before?" "No" I answer. I can see the clear shock on his face but he quickly recovers. "Okay, well I want to wait then, get to know you better and maybe figure this out before I mess it up." He says with a little smirk. "Okay." I say. I can only manage to talk in short sentences right now, with my shortage of breath.

After another minute or two of passionately making out, he pulls away and looks me in the eyes. "Would you like to go for dinner with me? Maybe catch a movie?" "That would be amazing." I smile. "I really do love it when you smile."he says. I feel myself blushing and cover my face in embarrassment. "Don't do that! Beautiful things shouldn't be hidden."

"What did I miss?" Hilary scares us both. "Uhm, n-nothing." I stutter. "I was just telling her how beautiful she is." Zayn says like it's nothing.

"Are you two-" Zayn cuts her off by saying "Well I asked her out so I'm hoping." "Awwwweeeee." She sounds like a third grader looking at puppies. I scrunch my nose and he kisses my forehead, my heart sinks into my chest. "Well I'll leave you two alone then." She replies, and gives a thumbs up to Zayn and winks at me. I laugh as soon as she's gone, and so does he. "She sounded like a little kid looking at puppies when she said awe like that." I laugh. "I was thinking more like a fat kid watching extra cake being thrown away but puppies is good too." He chuckled.

"I'm getting tired." I say to Zayn with a yawn. "You can lay down if you like, I'm not going anywhere." I lay on the bench and put my head on his lap. As soon as I lay down he starts to play with my hair, twisting the curls through his fingers, brushing away leaves that have fallen from the tree above us. I fall asleep almost instantly, feeling safe and comforted. I wake up and it's still dark outside, Zayn is laying down beside me with me on the inside of the bench and his arms wrapped around me. I slowly sit up careful not to wake him, and I see Hilary's face appear. She wakes Zayn up and I scowl at her in my mind.

"Hey you love-birds, wakey wakey!" She says. Zayn looks at me and smiles, and I feel the hate toward Hilary for ruining this perfect moment dissolve. "I met this really cool guy, his name is Micheal, anyway, is it okay if I have the dorm tonight? If you know what I mean?" She grins.

"Uhm" I stutter. "You can stay with me if you want to." Zayn says. "Only on the couch though." He whispers into my ear and smiles. "Okay" I tell him. "Alright, all set then! I'll be fucking Micheal while you two are doing god knows what!" She laughs hysterically.

"Very funny Hilary, Ha Ha." Zayn remarks. "Goodnight you guys!" She says and walks away.

"Can we get going soon? I'm getting a little tired and haven't recovered from my nap yet." I giggle. "Yeah let's get going." We stand up and he grabs his keys in one hand and mine in the other. I look up at him surprised and he kisses me. I grin and put my head on his shoulder as we walk back to his car. He has a Jeep, one with no windows, but I like it. I love the feeling of the cold air hitting my face and his hand in mine as we're driving. "So where do you live?" I ask to break the silence. "Just off campus, it's a small apartment but it's enough to call home." He smiles. I love his smile, his straight teeth and his lips just look so perfect. "Nice." I smile.

I must've dozed off while we are driving because I wake up and we are parking outside of an apartment building. He opens the door for me and I jump out and he grabs my hand again. We walk through the lobby and the doorman nods at him and Zayn returns the gesture. We head to the elevator and he presses the glowing '17' button. "I hope your not scared of heights." He says. I shake my head no and he says "Good." And smiles. As we approach the floor we stop at level 15 and a woman in her mid 30's walks in. "You two look amazing together, I don't think I've ever see a couple so perfect. If only I could find something like that." She says and I blush. "Thank you, and I'm sure you will, you are beautiful and any man would be lucky to have you." Zayn says to her and she looks speechless. He seems to know how to handle situations really well. We get off at our floor and smile at her before the door closes. We walk down the hall a bit and he pulls out his keys. He opens the door and what I see isn't what I was expecting.

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