Alice is from Barcelona, and got offered a scholarship to go to a college in San Fransico. She isn't sure how she feels about college, so she goes to a party to try and distract herself, but she has no idea what this one night could possibly lead to.


10. Chapter Nine

Zayn's POV

After we finish our disgusting waffles she started to do the dishes. Like I was going to let her do that. I walked up behind her and tickled her and she jumped. "You can't scare me like that!" Her voice squeaked. I laugh and grab her by the waist as she's doing the dishes. I start to kiss her neck and she moans. I lick my lips then continue, and she presses against me. I grab her and turn her around to face me and I kiss her. She licks my bottom lip and I bite hers, and I can tell she isn't quite sure what she's doing but she's trying. I kiss her neck while she takes off my shirt. Wait, she's still a virgin, nothing has changed, and I can't mess this up, but I'm sure a little farther won't hurt. I lift her up onto the counter and stand between her legs, never breaking the kiss. I press against her and when she whispers "Zayn," I know she feels my hard on, but I have to stop this now. I pull away and she tilts her head in confusion then agrees. "I'll do the dishes, you don't have to." I say with a smile. "Are you sure?" She asks. "Yes, I'm sure." I laugh. "Okay well I'm going to go get dressed, I'll be out in 5 minutes." She tells me and then walks into my room.

Alice's POV

I've never felt like that before. I'm shocked that it felt so good. And when I moaned his name, I didn't even realize that I did it until after! I guess I've only kissed one boy, in 7th grade on the playground and a bunch of other kids dared us.

I get dressed in the same clothes I had on the night before, wishing I had brought extra ones. "Hey babe" I say as I walk out of the bedroom. Did I just say babe? Weird. "Hey" he answers and grins." I should get heading home, I have to shower and I have a couple things I have to do today." "Okay, do you want a ride?" He asks. "Sure but only if you want to." I say. "I do." He replies. He grabs his keys and we head out to the parking lot, holding hands. We get into his Jeep, and now that I'm not asleep, I see where he lives. It's not too far from campus, maybe a 10 minute drive.

As we arrive on campus I thank him and kiss him goodbye. "Oh and don't forget about the dinner and movie tonight." He says. "What time and where do you want to meet?" I ask him. "I'll pick you up here at six?" "Sounds good." I smile and wave goodbye, and I can feel his eyes on me as I walk away. As soon as I get to my dorm I flop on my bed. Exhausetd, I get ready to take a shower. I grab my stuff and head to the showers. I take a long, hot shower and head back to my room. What should I wear today? I'll defiantly be changing before our date, but for now I slip on a pair of blue jeans and a purple tank top. Today I have to buy a car, but honestly I don't have the money for it right now. I need to focus on getting a job first. I decide to go to the mall and look around to see if any stores are hiring. Target? No thanks. Walmart? Rather not. Garage is hiring, perfect! It's one of my favourite stores and the people there are always so nice. I walk in and ask to talk to the manager. She walks out and smiles. "Hi, so your interested in working here?" She asks. "Yeah, I've just moved here from Barcelona and am going to the San Fansisco College, and am looking for a part-time job to be able to afford a car and help pay off my tuition."

"Well you sound perfect for the job. If I could just get a resumé and I can get back to you by Monday." She says. "Okay, I can run home and grab it and come back." I smile. "See you soon!" She replies. I walk home ( it's only a 10 minute walk) and fill out my résumé. It's sprinkling so I put the papers in a binder and grab an umbrella and a jacket. When I get to the mall, I walk straight to Garage and request to see the manager again. One of the girls goes and gets her and before I know it she is standing beside me." Here you go!" I say. "Thank you, I'll call you and let you know on Monday."

After that I decide I have nothing to wear to the date tonight, so I look on my phone and search the internet on what to wear. I'm pathetic, I laugh to myself. I decide to text my best friend Liz and ask her what to wear, but while going through my contacts I see the name Zayn. He must've put his number in there while I was getting dressed. I smile and text him *what should I wear tonight? Like jeans and a tshirt or a dress and heels? Haha* and press send. He almost instantly replies *jeans and t-shirt. That's what I will be wearing. :) *

*okay, can't wait! :* *

*me either! Haha I'm excited to see you bring your jeans and t-shirt game lmao* he texts me back. I laugh and put my phone away. Okay, well maybe I'll just buy something here because my wardrobe isn't all that nice. I pick out a pair of white ripped boyfriend jeans and a dark green crop top with an army jacket and don't look half bad! I go up to the counter, "The total is $37.85." "It will be on credit." I answer. I pay for my things then head home. When I get back it's already 4:30. I have to start getting ready! I do my make-up, curling my lashes and putting on winged eyeliner, and nude lipstick. I straighten my hair and slip into my clothes. After that I look through my shoes and decide to wear Doc Martenns, that I had forgotten I had, and surprisingly they matched my shirt perfectly! He arrives at 5:58 and I already have butterflies. "Good Luck" I say to myself as leave.

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