Alice is from Barcelona, and got offered a scholarship to go to a college in San Fransico. She isn't sure how she feels about college, so she goes to a party to try and distract herself, but she has no idea what this one night could possibly lead to.


4. Chapter Four

We all say our goodbyes as the boys exit the room which leaves me and Hilary alone.

"What should I wear to the party? To be honest I'm a little nervous" I admit.

"Don't be,I usually just wear a dress and some heels, but not too fancy, but with your body you could pull off some skinny jeans with a nice shirt."

"Thanks" I offer a smile. "I should probably get to sleep, I have classes starting tomorrow, goodnight." I say kindly and crawl into my bed. This bed sure isn't as comfy as the one I had at home, but it's not cardboard either.

I wake up at 6:45. My classes start at 8:00. I pack a toiletry bag and head to the showers. When I get there it's not what I expected. There are three rooms, one on the right with a girl sign printed on the front, and one on the left with a boy. Then farther to the left there is a door that has a girl and a boy. I think I'll stick to what I know and go in the women's showers. When I walk in everyone is trying to shower and get out of there as quickly as possible. I can see why, the floor is dirty, stalls are crappy and showers are hairy. Yuck. I take a quick shower then put on my shoes and wrap myself in a towel and head back to my room.

When I unlock the door I'm relieved no one is here. I dress in a pair of really dark grey leggings and a 'San Fransico College' shirt. "How typical", I almost laugh at myself. I gather some of my things, I won't need a lot today, mostly because I will just be meeting the professors and talking a little about how the year will be. As I head out of the room I spot a couple making out in the hallway. That's classy, I think to myself but then scold myself for being so mean. I'm not sure what's gotten into me since I got here. For all I know they could be in love for god's sake!

The day flies by, I don't even feel like it happened. Most of my professors seemed nice, there was one I didn't like but I'm sure it won't be a big deal. Shit! What time is the party at? I don't even know where it is, and I can't text Hilary because I don't have her number! She walks into the dorm and I let out breath it didn't know I was holding. Maybe I am excited, but I have no idea what kind of people will be there, will it be people like her? I mean with tattoos and piercings? How will other people be dressed? Ugh I can't stress myself with this stuff.

"Deep in thought I see?" I hear Hilary say as she enters the room. "Yeah haha I guess so" I reply shyly. "I was just wondering what time the party is at, and where it is?"

"It starts at 7:30 and you can leave whenever you want, me and you can drive there together, and I'm meeting some other friends there too. The guys from last night will be there." She says with a smirk. I know she's talking about Zayn. I blush, but I can't help my heart skipping a beat at the mention of him.

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