Minato replaces Naruto as the main character in the storyline. Naruto will not exist in this telling, at least I don't plan on him existing. He was born in the Hidden Light Village located far to the north in the Land of Aurora's (borrowed from my fan-fic story Precious Bonds). At age 6, he is found by Kakashi and taken to live in Hidden Leaf Village. Unlike Naruto who was never very bright (I blame his lack of a good upbringing), Minato is rather smart for his age, his problem is he's way to nice and forgiving for his own good. That's not a bad thing, but living as a ninja, that sort of thing will cause trouble.

In canon, Kushina is Minato's wife. But in this version, When Kushina is introduced after Kakashi brings Minato to the village, she is 30 years old (I'm assuming that would be her age when Naruto was 6) and is the Fourth Hokage of the village. Though she was born in the Hidden Whirlpool Village, in this story her mother was a sister to the Third Hokage, Sarutobi. Because of t


3. Rotation Effect

It was later that night and Minato was having Kushina look at the spiral jutsu scroll. "So tell me aunty K, do you have any ideas on how to get started on this little prodject?" Minato asked as Kushina took another glance over the scroll. She finally rolled it up and handed it back to him. "Sorry Minato, I racked my brain to come up with an idea, but this is a little beyond even me. However, I have a feeling you'll be the one to crack this egg shell of a mystery. Just keep your eyes and ears open as you go about your daily life and I'm sure something will come along that will inspire you."

With that, they went to eat dinner and turned in for the night. Minato didn't get much sleep though. He was up half the night continuing to rack his brain on this. It had been one of his bad habit's, or at least that's what uncle Taki had told him. Once he was presented with a problem he couldn't solve quickly, he would only be able to think on that and tha alone till he came up an answer. He knew this would be no different, all he needed was time and patience. With that truth finally cemented in his head, he was able to finally get some sleep.

The next day was a half day at the academy as the teacher's had a meeting to deal with in the afternoon. Minato was saddened that Hinata haden't shown, probably had things she was required to deal with at home. He tried to talk to Itachi about it, but Itachi was not interacting with anyone save teacher's at the moment. When school got out, Kiba jumped out in front of him and challenged him to another fight. Shino, Ino, and Sakura saw this and decided to watch things happen. The truth was that Minato was in no mood right now to deal with him. So when Kiba lunged at him, Minato simply dodged out of the way, grabbed Kiba's outstretched arm, and sent him flying into a tree, knocking him for a loop.

Sakura and Ino laughed at him and said he might as well just give up, he'll never be a better ninja than Minato even if he is an outsider. Kiba, though not able to stand or even talk straight at the moment, declared that he would one day beat Minato in front of everyone and prove that he is nothing special. Shino helped him up and simply stated that if his reasons for challenging Minato had to do with getting Hinata to like him, then it would be better if he tries to impress her by being a charming nice guy as apposed to challenging her best friend and acting in ways that would only alienate her.

As Minato walked down the street, he thought 'Damn he's annoying. I wish Kiba would just get that stick out of his ass and leave me alone. If he want's to be friends with Hinata and possibly earn her affection, he should do it in away that she would like and maybe even except.' His thoughts stopped at this. Why did the idea of Kiba and Hinata possibly being a couple and dating cause his stomach to tighten in an uncomfortable way. It's not like anything could become of their relationship as they would have to break up once Hinata turned 18 and would have to marry one of her 2nd or 3rd generational cousin's.

And as for him and Hinata, they were bestfriends and nothing more than that, right? That's all they would ever be to each other. right? He was drawn from his thoughts as he heard the sound of children playing. Curious, he went to take a look. He ran up the wooden fence using chakra and perched himself atop of it and observed the kids playing. A group of six were having a water balloon fight with each other. One of the kids accidentally popped his own balloon and ran over and grabbed another from a cardboard box. As he walked back over to the other's, he stopped as a thought came to him.

"Hey guy's. I just had a crazy thought." said the child. The other kids walked over and stood before him. The lead kid asked "What kind of thought did you have?" "Well, we all know that a water balloon will pop if you hit it against something or if you squeeze it to hard right?" The other kids nodded. It was common knowledge after all. "Well, do you guys think I could cause the balloon to pop if I tried spinning the water inside the balloon fast enough? Ya know, maybe getting it to rotate around and around like crazy?"

The lead kid spoke. "Umm sure, I guess you can. But you'd have to be doing it pretty fast to get it to pop though." They all jumped as the heard a noise. They looked over at the fence and saw it shaking slightly. A girl in the group said "Hey that's weird. Do you guys think someone was watching us or something?" They all shrugged and went back to their game, the idea already forgotten. As for Minato, he was racing down the street as he head torwards the market street. 'Of course. how could I have been so blind. The solution to my problem was so obvious. Rotation is the act of spinning around and a water balloon is the perfect conducter to start this off at.' He beamed with delight as he rushed to buy as many balloons as possible.

(half an hour later)

Hinata was walking down the street thinking about the days event's. She had wanted to go the academy today, even if it was just a half day since she would be able to see Minato. But instead, she had to remain home and undergo over four hours of being lectured about ettiquet and proper conduct befitting a daughter of the main house. And included in that was how she should not lower herself or the clan by being seen with, as they put it, a lowly outsider who would corrupt her and the clans ways. She honestly didn't care what they thought as Minato had shown her more caring and understanding in just one day than her family and clan had done in her entire life.

As far as she was conserned, there was nothing that could turn her against him. No one or nothing would ever make her hate him and want to stop being his friend. He was the reason she was wandering around now. She needed something fun to do so she could forget about today's annoyances and Minato would sure help with fixing that problem. She turned a corner, wondering where he might be. She came to a stop and smiled as he came into view. "Minato, over here." she yelled. Minato was feeling down, but quickly perked up upon hearing Hinata's voice. As he approached her, Hinata didn't fail to notice his sad expression.

"Minato, what's wrong? You look troubled." He shook his head and said "It's nothing, it's just that I needed to buy some balloon's and the guy at the store refused to sell them, saying I was probably going to use them in a prank or something." This made Hinata mad. Sure, Minato may have been born outside the village, but he still deserved better treatment than this when it came to buying stuff. "Why do you need ballooon's, Minato?" Minato filled her in on his discovery last night and how he came up with the idea for using water balloons to help with the rotation element.

"Your amazing Minato. Only you would think of an idea like that." said Hinata as she beamed with pride at her friend. Minato gave her a confused look. "What do you mean "only I could think of an idea like that" huh?" She giggled as she raised her hands up and waved them in a defencive manner. "I didn't mean it that way. What I was saying is that your really smart and can always come up with clever ways to do things." Minato scratched the back of his head and said "Oh, ok then. Sorry about thinking you were saying it in an insulting way, Hinata." Hinata reached out and hugged himm which he returned. When they broke apart, she said "I could never insult or hurt you Minato, your my bestfriend. So, why don't you let me get those balloon's for you, then we can go to your home and practice."


(two hours later)

Kushina had been able to finish early and was now entering home. "Minato, are you here?" she yelled out. After a moment, she heard "Yeah aunty K, me and Hinata are in the backyard practicing right now." being yelled back. She smiled and desided to join them. As she passed thru the kitchen, she noticed five bags of balloons and one was opened. The weirdest part was that each came with a hundred balloons. 'Are those two having a war or something?' she pondered as she stepped out back. What she saw stopped her in her tracks. Minato had a balloon filled with water in his hands. The balloon is lightly shaking while Hinata observed from the side with her Byakugan activated.

"What are you two doing?" Kushina asked. The balloon stopped moving as Minato took a deep breath, turned to look at her and said "Like yousaid last night, I found away to achieve the rotation. By using a balloon filled with water, I can have my chakra rotate the water inside and if I can move the water fast enough, the balloon should burst if my idea is correct. However, this is going to take a while to get it to move at that speed." Kushina was amazed at hearing this. 'Not even twenty four hours and he's already cracked the egg. He really is a genius.' She looked at Hinata and asked "So what doea it look like thru the Byakugan?"

"I can see the chakra moving around in a circular motion, though it's not much chakra. But even so, it's still working like he said it would. Hey Minato, try adding more chakra to it. That might make it more unstable." Minato nodded as he did as she suggested. Though it appeared to be doing the same as before, Hinata could tell it was having a better effect. Kushina watched them for the next hour. Though Minato still couldn't get it to pop, he had got the water balloon to move around in some pretty funny ways. Just then, she heard the doorbell. Kushina left the two kids to go and answer it.

"Hiashi, is there something I can do for you?" Kushina politely said, even though she knew why he was here. "I'm looking for my daughter and my instict's tell me she's here." Hiashi said in his usual flat tone. "She is and she's out back helping Minato with a prodject. Why, is there a reason she can't come around here? Are me and Minato bad company to have around her?"

Hiashi shook his head. "There is nothing wrong with you, lady Hokage. But both me and my clan would prefer she stay away from that ou..." He didn't finish when he noticed Kushina giving him a dark look. "Listen to me and listen good Hiashi. Minato may be and outsider, but he is no threat to this village. How could he be when his own village was destroyed the day he was born. Ours is the only village he has ever lived in and holds loyalty too. And as for Hinata, I don't see any harm in them being friends. It's not like he's going to turn her away from your clan and its need for inbreeding."

Now Hiashi was mad. "Lady Hokage, I would prefer younot accuse my clan of such practices. Inbreeding can only be considered if it's brother/sister or first cousins, which we never have allowed except for one time. And that was an accident as no one knew the couple were half brother and sister till after the fact, and by then it was to late to annul the marriage as the girl was pregnant. And as for Hinata being friends with....Minato, if I truly didn't want her around him, then she wouldn't be. The elder's are just conserned he might have a negative influence on her as am I."

Kushian laughed and said "I don't think you have to worry about that. I personally believe she has gotten over-all better at everything she does thanks to Minato. And I do apologize for that inbreeding remark. It just conserns me that if you keep marriage solely within your clan, that it will one day cause some gentetic problems at some point in the future." Hiashi nodded. "I know, but that will be the consern of the future genenations, not of mine. And I no intention of changing the clan anytime soon." Kushina sighed inwardly. If this is how all future clan heads act, then the Hyuga's will someday die out because of their own stupidity.

"Well, anyway Hiashi. I'm glad your here as there is something I'd like you to check for me." Hiashi looked at her and asked "And what would that be?" "Could you use your Byakugan on Minato and tell me if you notice anything of interst about him. I'd ask your daughter but I know her Byakugan hasen't gotten that perseptive yet." Hiashi nodded as they walked to the back. Without stepping out side, Hiashi activated his blood limit and examined the boy. After a minute, he stopped and looked at Kushina with a mixter of shock and confusion in his eyes. Kushina noticed this.

"What? What did you see, Hiashi?" "Very interesting. The boy has a standard level of chakra flowing thru his body as you would expect of an acadmey student, but his chakra network and coil system are already developed enough for someone of Jonin ranked. And even more interesting is that behind his eyes is a currious chakra bundle growth, the type you'd only see if someone had a doujutsu based blood limit." Kushina looked at him in shock. "Your joking."

Hiashi shook his head. "I wish I was. I can tell it's not the Byakugan other wise his eyes would be gray and pupiless and it's not the Sharigan as the chakra bundle is not the same configuration as you would see in an Uchiha. Has he said anything about a blood limit to you?" Kushina shook her head and said "Not that I can remember. Maybe one of those still seal scrolls says something about one? Will just have to wait and see what happens once the time seals release. Should I get Hinata for you?" Hiashi nodds as Kushina goes to get the young girl. 'Well Hinata, depending on if the outsider does indeed have a occular based blood limit and if it's any good, then we might have a use for you after all. And for you as well Minato.' Hiashi thinks as he allows himself to grin.

(two years later, Minato and Hinata age 12)

Minato awoke bright and early this morning as today was the big day, the Genintest at the academy. After getting dresses, he grabbed to last water balloon and ran down stairs. Kushina had left his breakfast on the table as well as a note wishing him good luck. He filled the ballon with water and ran outside. Holding the balloon in hand and consentrating his chakra, he got the water spinning and in less than a second, the balloon burst. He smiled as he shouted out "Finally, I've mastered rotation." The truth was he would have had it mastered alot sooner, but his academy studies and training in other jutsu had forced him to leave the spiral jutsu prodject as a weekend and acadmey break thing.

"Now that I have mastered rotation, it's time for step two: power. But what can I use to deal with this. I doubt a balloon will work this time?" he said to himself. He remembered he needed to hurry and eat breakfast or he would be late. He ran back inside to do just that. Later, he had arrived at the academy and entered class. Most everyone else was excited too. He saw Hinata and wanted to tell her about his success, but things had become weird between them recently. Over the last ten months, she had become distant and extremely shy around him.

First, he was use to her blushing around him. But lately, her blushing was getting crazy like her whole face turning red. He couldn't help but wonder if she was coming down with something when this happened. Second, her stutter had returned and it seemed to come out around him and him alone. Third, she never seemed to look him in the eyes no more. It was like looking at him directly scared her or something, or at least that's what he thought anyways. Fourth, she had developed a habit of pressing her index fingers together when ever she was nervous. And finally, number five. She fainted whenever they touched or he said something big to her. That was veryu annoying, yet it was kinda cute too. And deffinately weird.

'I'll tell her after the exam. I'm sure she'll come talk to me then.' he thought as he sat down next to Itachi. Itachi was still keeping his distance, but he would talk every so often if needed. Finally, Iruka and Mizuki entered and had everyone still standing take their seats. "Ok class, Mizuki will hand out the test while I explain hoe this will work. You'll have three different test to take. A written exam to test your knowledge, a skill exam to test your battle ability, and a jutsu exam were we ask you to perform a jutsu to see if you can do it. Buit don't worry, it will be a jutsu you would have learned in class."

Mizuki passed out the test. Once that was done, Iruka gave to go ahead and everyone started. Minato, upon looking at his test, stiffened. None of the questions made since, they were practically gibberish. 'Man, this is hard. I don't even know what t=I'm being asked.' Minato began to panic as he noticed everyone else was writing as if it was all easy. He took several deep breaths and thought 'Ok Minato, calm down. Everyone else is doing fine so you can too. Just read each question closely and see the hidden truth beneath each line.'

Soon, his brain began to work those miracle thoughts that he was known for and he began to write. Soon, time was called and everyone followed to the training dojo for the second test. Mizuki went about collecting the test. As he picked up Minato's, he took a look to see what the boy had written, knowing he would get it wrong. All he had to do was transfer his answe's over to an unaltered test and the rest would be easy. But he froze as he saw that despite the deception, Minato had some how still wrote the right answer to every question down.

'What the hell? How could he have gotten them all right? I redid the questions so he wouldn't even know what he was being asked, so how?' He was about to trash the test and just make up a fake one himself when Iruka appeared and took the test from Mizuki. The white haired man was angry. 'Fine, if that's how the outsider wants it, then so be it. Good luck with the rest of the genin test Minato because by tommorrow morning, you'll be kicked out of the village forever. Like all outsider's should be.'

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