Minato replaces Naruto as the main character in the storyline. Naruto will not exist in this telling, at least I don't plan on him existing. He was born in the Hidden Light Village located far to the north in the Land of Aurora's (borrowed from my fan-fic story Precious Bonds). At age 6, he is found by Kakashi and taken to live in Hidden Leaf Village. Unlike Naruto who was never very bright (I blame his lack of a good upbringing), Minato is rather smart for his age, his problem is he's way to nice and forgiving for his own good. That's not a bad thing, but living as a ninja, that sort of thing will cause trouble.

In canon, Kushina is Minato's wife. But in this version, When Kushina is introduced after Kakashi brings Minato to the village, she is 30 years old (I'm assuming that would be her age when Naruto was 6) and is the Fourth Hokage of the village. Though she was born in the Hidden Whirlpool Village, in this story her mother was a sister to the Third Hokage, Sarutobi. Because of t


2. Early Years

Minato was waliking back to the Kage tower when he saw Kushina emerge from the tower and head torwards him. She stopped in front of him and said "Hey squirt, did you have a good look around the village?" Minato nodded, then said "Well, I haven't seen everything, but I believe I got the general layout of the place. Although, I wish the people were more friendlier, at least one person I met is pretty nice." Kushina looked at him with consern and asked "Did anyone give you any trouble while you were out? And who was this one person you met who was nice to you?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it trouble per-say, but I get the feeling it's going to be a long time before I'm fully welcomed as a member of the village. The people knew I was an outsider and gave me glares that basically said don't cause any trouble or we'll make you regret it. As for the one nice person, her name is Hinata and I..." Kushina stopped him mid-sentence and asked "Hinata? You don't mean Hinata Hyuga by any chance do you?" Minato nodded and said "Yeah, that's her. I found her crying in the park though she was trying her best not to cry. I went over and talked to her and found out what was wrong and then I comforted her till she felt better. A guy should always make sure girls are always happy and smiling, or at least tha's what my uncle Taki always told me."

Kushina was impressed with Minato. Most boys his age normally would pick on girls to make them cry, not comfort them to make them feel better. "So, what happened after you made her feel better?" Minato looked away for a moment before saying "She left to go home. She thanked me for helping her and promised to repay me for my kindness some day. I asked her if she would be my friend and that would be payment enough. She said yes and we also set up some time to play at the park tommorrow afternoon." Kushina nelt down and placed her hands on his shoulders. "I'm very proud of you Minato. You are deffinately an example that most people should follow. I can see you becoming both a great ninja as well as a great man. And I have no doubt that you'll one day be seen by everyone in the village as you, not as an outsider. Now, what do you say we head for home now?"

Minato nodded as he and Kushina left to begin the first day of their new life together as an adopted family.

(8 months later)

Minato and Kushina stood outside the ninja academy. Today, Minato would be joining the class tended to by Iruka Umino and his assistant Mizuki. Minato, in preparation for this day, had gone and got some new clothes. He was wearing dark green pants, a dark green t-shirt, and a dark orange coat with black flames on it (like Naruto's sage coat from the manga). Iruka stepped out of the class while Mizuki droned on about a ninja's need to remain undetected in the field. "So Lady Hokage, is this the new addition to the class?" Iruka said as he looked at Minato. His first thought's upon seeing the kid was that he liked him. He had a good feeling that Minato was going to become a great shinobi one day.

"Yes, this is Minato Namekaze: the last surrviving member of the Village Hidden in the Light. I know that many of the student's will give him grief about being an outsider, so do your best to help him out, ok." Kushina said. Minato looked at her and said "Don't worry about me aunty K, I'm sure they'll warm up to me eventually." Iruka smiled at him. If nothing else, Minato was an optamist and that had to count for something. "Well, I for one am happy to have you here Minato. If nothing else, your presence in the class now gives us enough students to form all three man teams we expect to pull out in a few years." Iruka said to him.

"Ok Iruka, go and introduce him to his fellow future ninja. After lesson's are done for the day, please stop by my office so we can talk about some things." With that, Kushina turned and went to return to another day of grueling paperwork. Iruka opened the door and said "I'm sorry to interupt Mizuik-sensei's lecture. I'm sure that you are all enjoying it?" Iruka almsot laughed at the site of his charges looking at him with a desire to kill him rising quickly. "Anyways, we have a new student joining the class today so I want all of you to treat him well and help him get caught up." He motioned to Minato who quickly entered the room, smiling happily as he said "My name is Minato Namekaze. It's an honor to meet you all."

At seeing him, all the girls got starry eyed as they looked at him. A couple of the boys groaned at this. One boy by the name of Kiba said to his friend Shini in a wisper "Great, just fucking great. It's bad enough we have Itachi getting the girls attention, now we have this blonde kid here to screw the rest of us guys as well." Minato looked around till his eyes stopped on the far upper right as he saw a familiar face. Hinata was sitting alone, a small smile and a light blush crossed her face as she looked at him. 'Minato, I was hoping it would be you they were talking about. Now we can spend more time together.' she thought.

Happy that his student's, well at least the girls and a couple of the guys, were happy to have him. "Minato isn't from our village originally. He was born far to the north in the Land of Aurora's Hidden Light Village. However, due to unkown event's, the village was destroyed. He has been adopted by the Hokage and is to be considered part of her family. So, are there any questions for Minato?" Iruka suddenly realized that most everyone was now glaring at him. 'Kids? I wish they'd stop feeling the samw way torwards outsider's as the older generation.' Iruka thought. He was happy to note at least two of his student's didn't look at him with caution now, Hinata Hyuga and Itachi Uchiha who had started getting interested in Minato when it was mentioned that he was an outsider.

"Minato, why don't you go sit next to Hinata ok." Iruka said. Minato nodded and as he started walking up the row's, he couldn't help but think 'Man, going from the new most popular kid to the most hated in a second must be a new record or something.' He finally got to Hinata and sat beside her. "Well, fancy meeting a pretty young girl like you here." Minato said in a wisper to her. Hinata giggled, then replied in a wisper of her own "Flattery will get you nowhere with me Mr. Namekaze. You'll have to buy me flowers, chocolate, write me poetry, write a song about me, and sweep me off my feet to get some where with me." Her blush deepened as she finished saying that while waiting for his reply.

"So, do I have to do those in order or can I just jump around a little?" he wispered. She winked at him and replied "Well, you could just sweep me off my feet and save us both some time." She saw him pout and mumble something about that being to easy. She giggled again, enjoying these moments they had where they could have fun with easch other, seeing how far they could take their little games they always played. They turned their attention's to the front as Mizuki continued his long and boring lecture.


It was recess time and the kids were playing ninja games out on acadmey grounds. Minato and Hinata were off in one quite corner practicing hand signs when a figure walked up. "Hey, is it alright if I join you?" the figure asked Minato while looking at him. Minato looked at Hinata who nodded before turning back and saying "Sure, you can join us if you want. I'm Minato by the way and I guess you alreadt know Hinata here." The boy nodded and said "I know her by reputation." This caused Hinata to look down sadly. She could only guess at what her reputation was, but is was most likely Hyuga failure or something along those lines. The boy saw her reaction and said "Sorry, I didn't mean it in that way. My name is Itachi Uchiha. Don't worry Miss Hinata, I have a simular reputation in my clan as a reject who can't measure up."

Hinata looked back at Itachi as he sat down and said "Don't worry about it and please call me Hinata. You can leave the miss part out." Itachi nodded at her, then looked at Minato and asked "Why did you let me join you anyways Minato?" "It was because, like Hinata, you didn't look at me like I didn't belong here. I knew Hinata wouldn't look at me like that because we have been friends for a few months now. And since you seem like a ok kid, I'd like to get to know you better too. So, if you don't mind my asking, why are you not well liked in your family. I already know why Hinata isn't liked, so how about you."

Itachi sighed as it was rather embaressing to talk about. "Well, you see, I'm considered the black sheep in my family. People in the clan call me odd as I'm not like the other Uchiha. And to make it worse, my older brother Sasuke is considered a prodigy in our family. He awakened his Sharigan at age five. Then not even a year later, he had awakened all three comma marks in his eyes, thus bringing them to full power. He graduated the academy at age nine and was excepted into Anbuu last year at the age of thirteen. So naturally, our father expects me to be just as good. But here I am nearly seven years old and I haven't even awakened my Sharigan yet." Minato looked at him and confused and asked "Sharigan?"

"The Sharigan is a special type of kekkei genkai, or blood limit, that my family has. It's also refered to as a doujutsu because of it being conected to my eyes. The Sharigan is refered to as the Mirror Eyes because it has the ability to grant the user to copy the movments and jutsu of our opponent's. A fully realized Sharigan, one that has three comma marks around the pupil, allows the user the power of forsight. We can see one second into the future and with that power, we can easily know what attack our opponent is about to use and counter it."

Minato nodded his understanding, then Hinata added "The Sharigan can have it's origins traced back to the Byakugan my family has." Minato remebered when Hinata had shown him her blood limit and explained how her families "All Seeing Eye" worked. "What Hinata says is true. According to legend, a daughter of the Hyuga clan's head met a man of mystery who she fell in love with. Through him, she became pregnant with his child, then he dissapeared without warrning." Itachi said. "You see Minato, there is a rule in the Hyuga clan. And that rule is that Hyuga can only marry other Hyuga in order to keep our bloodline pure. There's only been a few exceptions for a marriage to be allowed between a Hyuga and a non-Hyuga." Hinata added.

Itachi continued. "Since her father was the head, she couldn't be executed for what she had done so the Hyga clan desided to wait and see how the child turned out. When the child was born, his eyes were black and not gray like a Hyuga's. Feeling relieved that the child did not have the Byakugan, it was taken from his mother and put into an orphanage. As for the mother herself, I really don't know. Do you know what happened to her Hinata?" Hinata shook her head. "Her existance was wiped from all Hyuga records. All we know is her name; Hinata."

Both Itachi and Minato looked surprised. "Your parents named you after her?" Minato asked. Hinata nodded and said "They hoped that I could redeem the name Hinata in the eyes of the clan, but it would seem that my name is cursed, or at least that's what father tells me since I don't measure up to his expectations." Hinata started to cry at this and Minato reached out and pulled her to him, giving her a comforting hug which she happily returned. This caught Itachi off guard. He had heard that Hyuga's rarely, if ever, showed emotion. 'I guess Hinata really is one of a kind.' Itachi thought. After a few minutes, Hinata pulled away and thanked Minato, then Itachi contiuned.

"The boy was adopted a few years later by a master thief known as Uchiha and raised as his successor. During his teenage years, the boy awakened his Sharigan and it was believed that the Byakugan had somehow mutated to create the Sharigan. Soon, he took the full name Soran Uchiha, the founding father of the whole Uchiha clan. The rest is history." Minato was amazed at the story. Who would have thought he would learn so much in just his first day alone. As the three new friends continued to talk and play, Iruka watched them and smiled. 'Those three will be really great together.' he thought happily.

Later that afternoon, after classes have ended for the day, Iruka arrives at the Kage tower and enter's the Hokage's office. "So, what did you want to talk about Lady Hokage?" Iruka asked. "Tell me, what is your overall impression of Minato?" Iruka thought for a moment, then smiled and said "Well, that kid's got potential. I can tell you that much. He's seems really smart too. I don't have to explain anything multiple times to him like some of the other's student's and he can always answer any questions asked of him. He has made friends with both Hinata Hyuga and Itachi Uchiha, so he has potential clan heads backing him if nothing else."

Kushina smiled at that. "Did you know Iruka, that I had an IQ test done on him a few days ago and guess what it concluded." Iruka looked at her and asked "What?" "His IQ is just as high as Shikamaru Nara's and even better, he's not suffering from cronic laziness like the Nara boy seems to be. Minato is actually motivated to be very active. With the right training and education, he will go far in the world. Both as a ninja as well as a man." Kushina said with pride about the boy. Iruka nodded and agreed with her. "Then I guess I better make sure he gets the best education possible." he said.


(Two years later. Minato, Hinata, and Itachi are age 8)

Minato and Hinata stood outside the ruined gates of the Uchiha clan compound. It had been a week since Sasuke Uchiha had gone mad and slaughtered his whole clan, leaving only Itachi alive. The story going around was that Sasuke wanted the Uchiha to rise up in rebellion and overthrow the leadership of the Leaf and take full control. When Fugaku refused, Sasuke left for over a month to cool off. Itachi had been worried about his brother as he was the only member of the family to treat him well. When Sasuke came back, he was different. Itachi just shrugged it off, not thinking much of it till two weeks later, when he came home late and found Sasuke having killed off the entire clan.

The two 8 year olds looked around the carnage that was the compound till they finally found Itachi. He was standing at the spot were he had last seen Sasuke before he had vanished into the night. "Hey Itachi." Minato said in a quiet voice. Itachi glanced back at them for a moment before returning his gaze torwards nothingness. "Itachi, just remember that both me and Minato are here for you and will always be here." Hinata said as she allowed tears to fall from her eyes. Itachi contiuned to look away for a moment before turning to look at them.

"That's the problem guys. You can't be here for me." Itachi said in a detached voice. They looked at him confused and Minato asked "Why? Why can't we be here for you? We're friends right?" Itachi sighed and said "That's just it, you guys are my friends. That makes you both targets as well. Sasuke, before he left, told me that he wanted me to become stronger so that one day, when he returns, we can fight each other to see which side of our ideals is correct. His need for absolute control or my belief in unity. For now until I can defeat him, I must break all bonds with everyone I know, including you two, just in case he returns and finds me not ready and desides to kill more people who are precious to me to get me to hurry."

"But you can't do that Itachi. You'll be all alone that way and no one can surrvive being alone after what you just went through." Hinata said to him with a pleading voice. Itachi's responce was "But I have to Hinata. This is one of the ways I need to train myself to become stronger. I have a duty to avenge my clan and bring Sasuke to justice. Once that's done and if it's not to late for me, I can return to being the guy you both know and I will be able to restore and regain the bonds I have lost. So please, let me go. At least for now."

Hinata was about to say something else, when Minato spoke. "Is this how you really want it?" Itachi nodded. "Fine, we'll let you do things your way. But remember Itachi, you don't have to go it alone. Me and Hinata will always be there for you. Even if it's only to help train, we'll be there." Itachi smiled and thanked him. It would be the last smile he would show the world for many years. As Minato and Hinata left, the young Hyuga asked "Minato, was that really the best solution?" He sighed before saying "You heard him Hinata, his mind is already made up. If we try to force him to change it, it'll only drive him further away. For now, all we can do is watch him and be there when he might need us, if he ever needs us. Until then, lets train and get stronger ourselves just incase a day comes where we might be needed by his side and help to help him should he need us.

(Two years later, age 10)

Today had been another grueling day at the academy. Kiba had once again challenged Minato to a duel for Hinata. Mre specifically, if Minato lost then he would have to stop hanging around with her. Minato only excepted these fights just because it would shut Kiba up for a week and Kiba could never win anyways. Hinata had warrned the dog boy about trying to mess with her and Minato's friendship, but Kiba insisted that she should not lower herself to being seen with, as he put it, a "dirty, low class outsider who's only real interest was her body and her clans blood limit".

Hinata had nearly killed Kiba for saying that about Minato, but Minato stopped her and asked Kiba "Are you sure your not the one after her body and limit?" For her safety, Minato usually walked Hinata home after class now because he feared Kiba might try something against her. He had just got home and laid down on his bed when he noticed a glow coming from his scroll chest. He got up and walked over and opened it to see one of the scrolls that had a time seal on it giving off a faint light. He picked up the scroll and opened it. He expected to see several jutsu inside but instead he found...

It was instructions on some jutsu. According to what was written, this technique was thought up by his father and it looked like he was using this scroll to hold what he had figured on it. The idea he had was about a sphere of condenced chakra, held in one's hand, that could be used as a weapon. The title given to this jutsu was Spiral Chakra Sphere. It didn't say anything about how it was done but it did mention the three elements needed to make it happen. 'Hmm, I guess dad was still tinkering with this when the attack came. Let's see, the three element's are rotation, power, and control.' He thought on this when he noticed a message written along the side.

Minato, if I did the seal right, you should be reading this sometime after your tenth birthday. I'm sorry me and your mother can't be there for you, but at least you have your uncle. I want you to finish what I started with this prodject. It will be my final legacy to you. Make this jutsu your own wnd it will serve you well. There is another legacy you are to inherit, but that will not be revealed till you are 13. Till then, you luck doing what I failed to do.

Minato laid back on his bed and thought on this. How was he going to finish something his dad couldn't do. Uncle Taki had said his father was a genius as was his son. But Minato wondered, was he that smart. Could he really make this spiral jutsu weapon more than an idea and make it reality? Well, he was damn well going to try.

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