Minato replaces Naruto as the main character in the storyline. Naruto will not exist in this telling, at least I don't plan on him existing. He was born in the Hidden Light Village located far to the north in the Land of Aurora's (borrowed from my fan-fic story Precious Bonds). At age 6, he is found by Kakashi and taken to live in Hidden Leaf Village. Unlike Naruto who was never very bright (I blame his lack of a good upbringing), Minato is rather smart for his age, his problem is he's way to nice and forgiving for his own good. That's not a bad thing, but living as a ninja, that sort of thing will cause trouble.

In canon, Kushina is Minato's wife. But in this version, When Kushina is introduced after Kakashi brings Minato to the village, she is 30 years old (I'm assuming that would be her age when Naruto was 6) and is the Fourth Hokage of the village. Though she was born in the Hidden Whirlpool Village, in this story her mother was a sister to the Third Hokage, Sarutobi. Because of t


4. An Outsider's Exile

Iruka beamed with pride as he looked over his class. Each one of them had passed with flying color's easily. Both Minato and Itachi had tied for first place among the student's while Hinata had tied with Sakura among the kunoichi. He looked around and noticed that Mizuki was still absent. 'Hm, I guess is stomach is still bothering him.' thought Iruka as he remembered his partner's sudden pain just before the skill test portion of the exam had begun. He returned his attention to his class as he spoke aloud.

"OK everyone, first I'd like to say just how proud I am of each and everyone of you. The overall grades from this class I better than the academy has ever seen since the time the three Sanin were student's here. I have know doubt each and everyone of you will make exceptional shinobi and do your families, your village, and especially yourselves proud. Now, before I let you all leave, there is just one final thing that needs to be done. In just a moment, I will hand out a sheet of paper to each of you so we can determine your elemental alignment so your Jonin sensei's will have a better idea on how to train you."

Kiba raised his hand and asked "But Iruka-sensei, how will a simple sheet of paper help us out with that?" Several others in the class also wondered about that. Iruka smiled as he said "Simple, you just need to push some chakra into the paper and depending on what happens to the paper, it will reveal your chakra element. Now I will explain the five base element's that you can have. If the paper burns up, then your a fire type. If the paper turns to dust, your a earth type. If the paper becomes soggy, your a water type. If the paper crinkles in on it self, then your a lightning type. And if the paper cuts in half, your a wind type."

Now it was Chouji who raised his hand. "Iruka-sensei, is it possible for someone to have multiple element's?" Iruka nods and says "It tends to be rare but yes, it is possible to have two or even three elements that you would be good at. Two is not uncommon but three is pretty rare, but not impossible. And there is a chance that if you do posses two or more elemental chakra's within, there is a possibility that you may have a special kekkei genkai that will allow you to merge those element's together into a special sub-element. The first Hokage is a good example as he could mix his earth and water chakra together and create the sub-element known as wood chakra. And just so you know, even if you already have a natural blood limit like Hinata and Itachi, you can still have an elemental fusion blood limit if you naturally have multiple elements."

Ino was the next to ask a question. "Iruka-sensei, even if we only have one element we can naturally use, can we still learn the others as well?" Once again, Iruka smiled and said "Yes, your natural element will be the easiest for you to learn, but you can learn jutsu from other elemental types though it will be harder. Take water and fire for example. If you are a fire type naturally, then learning water type jutsu will be the hardest for you but not impossible since fire is naturally defeated by water. On the other hand, a fire user can easily learn wind jutsu since wind can make fire stronger." At hearing this, several student's (including Itachi) perked up. Now they couldn't wait till they found out what their type was so they could start becoming stronger. After all, they had been compared to the class the Sanin had come from and that gave them an obligation to live up to that.

"OK, if there are no further questions then I will begin handing out the paper and taking notes on what your type is. Also, after you have done this, you are free to leave or you can wait and see what type your friends and classmates are. Also, there is are pamplet's laying on my desk that I suggest you each take. It repeats what I just said as well sas contains further information about elemental training, what element is strong and weak against your own, and other such important information that will help you."

And with that, Iruka began his walk around the class and taking notes for who could do what. He soon arrived at the desk that Minato and Itachi sat at. "OK Minato, your up." Minato took the paper and channeled chakra into it. Immediately, the paper split in half before both sides crinkled inward. Iruka smiled and said "OK, it looks like your a wind and lightning type. Now for you Itachi." Itachi channeled his own chakra into the paper and it immediately burst into flames and thru the flames, Iruka noticed that the paper also crinkled. "OK Itachi, your a fire and lightning type. Man, you two are really something special, huh?" Iruka continued on his rounds.

"Man Itachi, we're both gonna kick butt now, huh?" asked a very happy Minato. Itachi looked at him with his usual expression before looking away again. Minato sighed inwardly and wondered if Itachi would ever feel secure with being his friend again. He was brought back to reality when he heard Itachi say quietly "I guess." 'Well, that was at least better than nothing at all from him.' thought Minato. He then turned and looked to Hinata and smiled. The moment Hinata realized Minato was looking at her, she blushed deeply before looking away though she did glance back at his several times as a small smile crossed her face.

Soon, Iruka was done and the class let out till only Minato, Hinata, and Iruka were left. Hinata had wanted to talk to Iruka alone but was surprised to see Minato hang back as well. Iruka looked at them and asked "Minato, Hinata? Is there something you both need?" Minato nodded and said "Yeah, could both of you come outside with me for a second?" They both nodded as Minato grabbed two pamphlet's and handed one to Hinata. She took it from him and stuffed it into her coat and was about to start walking when Minato grabbed her hand and started running. Hinata "eeped" at the contact but didn't try to break free as she did her best to keep up with him. 'Minato....is holding my hand.' she thought as she secretly enjoyed his touch. She was confused as to why she now acted like this around her best friend. But she did know one thing and that was she really liked the feeling his presence brought out within her.

Iruka laughed as he saw them run. "Ah, to be young and in love. If only Minato's high IQ was capable of telling him she likes him and Hinata wasn't so shy and confused about what she must be feeling. I could tell them, but it's more entertaining this way." Soon, the three of them were standing outside and Minato had rushed over to the drinking fountain and was filling up a balloon. "M-Minato? W-what are y-you doing?" asked Hinata. He smiled and said "Just watch and you'll see." They both stared as the balloon shook for just a second before it burst in quick fashion. "Minato, you did it. You got the rotation perfected." said a proud Iruka. "Minato, that was amazing." beamed Hinata who was too full of pride at her friend to even realize that she forgot to stutter.

"Thanks you guys. It took longer than planned because of the usual going-ons around the village, but at least step one is now mastered." "So, have you figured out the power method?" asked Iruka. Minato shook his head and said "Haven't given it any thought yet. A balloon won't help with this, but I will figure this out because my nindo demands never giving up." Minato says to them. "I-I know you c-can do it, M-Minato." says Hinata. He looks at her and nods before saying. "Well, I better go and tell auntie K about this. She left before I woke up this morning. See you both in two days." And with that, Minato took off for the Kage tower.

"So Hinata, what is it you wanted to ask me?" asked Iruka as he walked up to the young heiress. "I'm a water type and I was wondering how that interacts with Minato's element's?" Iruka smiles at her and says "Well, wind and water make each other better." Hinata smiles brightly at that. "But lightning and water on the other hand, don't go well together as lightning makes water weak." Hinata slumps a little at that, but then perks up. 'At least my water and his wind go well together. That's good enough for me.' she thinks to herself. She then says her goodbye to Iruka before heading for home. As he watches her leave, Iruka thinks to himself 'Hm, water and wind make each other better and the same goes true for them while water and lightning definitely describes them at this stage. But I wonder which will be the stronger there, his wind to her water or his lightning to her water?'


Later that evening, Minato was at the training field trying to draw out his wind chakra by trying to cut a leaf in half with just chakra. He had read thru the pamphlet to see the best way for him to start on control his element's. He had already managed to cut the leaf into a small portion, but it was not close enough to be considered good. Feeling tired, he allowed himself to fall onto the grass and look up into the star filled sky. 'Man, I wonder if there is an easier way to do this? If only I could split myself in half, that could double the effect I have for the training. But that's impo...' He stops on that thought as an idea pops into his head. He sits up as a smile crosses his face and says "Of course, that's the best solution that I can do." And with that, Minato jumps to his feet and rushes off to put his idea into practice.

Two hours later, Iruka finds himself arriving at the Kage tower for an important meeting that was just called. In addition to some of the top shinobi in the village being present, like Kakashi and Asuma. He is surprised to see all the clan heads present as well. Finally, Kushina steps forward to make her announcement. "OK, listen up everyone. About an hour an a half ago, someone broke into the Kage tower's sealed scroll chamber and stole the village's secret jutsu scroll. We must find and apprehend the thief at once. I want all of you to go over every inch of the village and leave no stone un-examined in this search. I also want some of you to head out side and see if anyone has left the village recently. Now..."

Before she can finish, one chunin appears and says "I saw who took the scroll, lady Hokage." All eyes fall on the chunin as Kushina says "Really? Who was it then?" The chunin says "It was that outsider, Minato Namikaze who did it. I saw him leaving the tower earlier with something in his hand while I was on patrol. Since he's been staying with you, I figured it was an errand you sent him on. But after hearing this, I think he might have done it." Several of the shinobi started to talk amongst themselves saying that it would make sense. Kushina was not happy about this accusation as was several others.

"I don't believe Minato would do such a thing. That is not part of his nature." says Kushina. The chunin says "I hope your right. But to be on the safe side, shouldn't we go find him, just to make sure." Many of the shinobi where now saying that they agree, so Kushina finally said "Alright, fine. If that is want you want, we'll go find Minato. Hiashi, can you use your Byakugan to locate him?" Hiashi nods as he activates his blood limit and starts to look around the village to the best of his abilities. Finally, he stops and says "I'm picking him up at your home. I believe he's in the back yard." And with that, the large group headed towards Minato and the truth.

They soon arrived and Kushina went over to wake Minato. She noticed he had a leaf in his hand that was nearly cut in two. 'Hm, I guess he's been practicing his wind chakra.' She shakes him and he soon wakes up. Rubbing his eyes, he says in a sleepy voice "Wha? Auntie K, what's up?" Kushina looks at him seriously and says "Minato, did you go any where near the Kage tower with in the last two hours?" Minato shakes his head and says "No, after I left earlier this afternoon, I went out into the forest and trained for several hours, then I came home to try something and I guess I fell asleep. Why, what's going on?"

One of the shinobi yelled out that he was lying which started several other's to yell in protest as well. Minato looked at them confused and asked again what was going on. Kushina told him the situation. "It couldn't have been me. I haven't been back there since after the academy." Kushina gives him a nod to let him know she believes him. However, one of the ninja says that they should check his room. "Well Minato, is it OK if we check your room if only to be sure?" Minato nods as they enter the house and make their way to his room.

As they enter and look around, Kakashi notices the chunin who first spoke out was reaching around the far side of Minato's bed as if reaching foe something. Suddenly, the chunin smiles and says "Hey, look at what I found." Everyone is taken aback as he reveals the scroll and says "So outsider, what were you saying to us before?" Minato stood there stunned as he tried to say "But, I didn't take it, I swear. You got to believe me." Suddenly, the whole room exploded with yelling as most demanded that Minato be exiled at once or put to death. Kushina stepped before the boy and says "Now look here, just because the scroll was here doesn't mean..." She is cut off by one of the ninja who says "So, you would side with him than your own people. That makes me wonder about you."

Kushina recognized the man as one of the few who didn't like her becoming Hokage. She's about to speak when Minato taps her shoulder. She leans down so he can whisper into her ear. "Go ahead and do it. I kind of figured this would happen eventually and I'm amazed that I lasted this long. I don't want to see you lose face, so do what you gotta do....for the village." Kushina sighs and says "Very well all of you. If that is what you want, then it will be done." She turns and looks at Minato and says "Minato Namikaze, by my order, you are as of now exiled from this village until such time as your name can be cleared. Pack your things and be gone before sun rise."

Minato nods as he starts to pack. One of the nin says "He should leave his jutsu scrolls here as compensation for what he has done." Minato stiffens at that, but Kushina instead says "No, those scrolls belong to the Hidden Light Village and are Minato's legacy and birthright. I will not allow anyone to take them from him. You are all dismissed." Knowing that the discussion was over, everyone leaves. As Kakashi walks out, he notices something funny but chooses to leave it for now.


Very soon, Minato is at the front gate with Kushina and Iruka. "Well, I guess this is it, huh?" says Minato in a sad voice. Iruka walks up and place a hand on his shoulder and says "Minato, I know you didn't steal that scroll. I swear I will uncover the truth so you can return." Minato smiles at him and says "Thanks Iruka-sensei, that means a lot. And I was glad to have you as my teacher foe all those years. Could you tell Hinata and Itachi goodbye for me and that I will miss them and write to them as soon as possible." Iruka nods before moving away.

Kushina walks up and hugs Minato before saying "Despite what has happened, I'm very proud of you. Where ever you go, I'm sure you'll achieve great things in life. So keep yourself safe out there. And where do you plan on going anyways?" Minato returns the hug before saying "I'll be careful. You be careful yourself. As foe where I'll likely go, I think I'll head back home to the north and see about trying to revive the Light Village. I always planned on doing that someday and I guess that today is that day." The three said their final goodbyes as Minato walked out the gate and into the world beyond.

(Hyuga compound)

Hinata had just awoken from a terrible nightmare. In it, she had been running after Minato for some reason. She felt a great fear and pain shooting thru her as if he was leaving her forever. But as fast as she ran while screaming out his name, he just kept getting farther and farther away till he was gone from her sight completely. And just before the dream ended, the form of a massive fox with nine tails emerged and lunged at her while roaring. It was then she woke from the dream, screaming as sweat poured down her body. Shaken, she got up and went into her private bathroom and splashed water onto her face.

Figuring she needed something cool to drink to settle her nerves, she walk to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of milk. As she drank it, she saw her father walk by. Curious, she sat her glass down and walked to him. "Um, father?" she said in a quiet voice. He turned so suddenly, she jumped back in fear for some reason. He looked at her and said in his usual voice "Hinata, why are you up at this hour?" She hesitated for a moment before saying "I was awoken from my sleep by a nightmare. I got up to get a glass of milk to calm my nerves. Then I saw you and I wanted to ask why you were up?"

He looked at her for a second before saying "There was a theaft earlier tonight and it would appear the Namikaze boy was behind it." Hinata suddenly spoke up to her father's surprise. "That has to be a lie, Minato would never steal from anyone." She suddenly realized her outburst and quickly lowered her head in shame for speaking like that to her father. Hiashi looked at her and said "I actually agree with you on that. I know he's innocent as I watched him speak thru my Byakugan and saw no trace of deception on his voice. However, it was not enough to save him."

Hinata's head shot up as fear became evident on her face. "Why? What happened to him?" she asked in a shaky voice. "He has been banished, effective immediately. I wouldn't be surprised if he is already gone from here and out on the road to who knows where. Now, enough of this talk. I'm going to bed and I suggest you turn in as well." And with that, Hiashi left hinata who was too torn up inside over what she has just learned to even think, let alone move. Finally, she says quietly to herself "Minato is gone? No, I can't let him leave me. I need to see him again." And with that, Hinata rushes to her room.

(Kage tower)

Kushina was looking at Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, and Guy as she speaks to them. "OK, I want your opinions on this matter as you four are my most trusted shinobi and friends." Kakashi speaks first and says "As I was leaving, I noticed that there was damage done to the base of his bedroom window. The damage could have only been caused by someone forcing it open from the outside and judging from how it looked, it would have been recent too. I also noticed that the chunin who first point his finger at Minato was also the one who found the scroll, and he found it quite quickly and easily if I might add to the mystery." Asuma also spoke next and said "I agree on that. I noticed the bushes outside and directly below his window was slightly trampled on which indicates that some one walked up the side of the house to get to his room."

"But who would do such a thing? I know that many people don't like Minato, but isn't this a little extreme. After all, the person who did this could face death for not only stealing the scroll, but using it to get another punished for the theft by planting it in their possession." Guy shakes his head and says :What kind of coward would use such under handed methods just to remove a promising youth like Minato just because he was born an outsider?" Kushina looks at them and says "That is the reason why we must find the truth quickly. We were intrusted with the task of protecting him and we can't fail that task now. At least not until Minato is ready to handle the outside on his own." And with that, they start trying to think of who could have done it and why.

(Hyuga compound)

Hinata is in her room packing as much as she can fit into her travel pack. She was surprised at first when she realized she was doing that. But she soon realized that it was what she wanted. Minato had become to important to her to just let him go like that. If he was forced to leave the village, then she would leave with him as he had been far kinder and more loving to her than her family could ever even come close to being, so the choice on where she belonged was obvious to her. Finishing her packing, she opened her window and jumped out. She soon made it to the front gate and took one final look back. Satisfied that she had got her final look upon her home, she turned and ran down the road to catch up with Minato and together, see what was out there in the world beyond the village walls.

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